Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pot-Bless Dinner

We don't believe in luck, so we call the dinner pot-bless dinner. We invited friends over for dinner, each family to bring a dish. Being the host, I cooked a dish, while wife cook another. Wife and friends said my braised bitter gourd was delicious, I think wife's steamed herbal chicken was yummy.

Five adults and only one child. Sure to be spoiled. He's an adorable boy, know how to sweet talk to get what he want (no, he did'nt learn this from his dad, I think), and love sweets and tidbits (which child don't anyway??) He loves to come to our house, lots of tidbits to be found in the living room and kitchen. No, we don't have children yet, only two BIG KIDS living in this house.

Some puddings (Danial, you want?) and fruits after that. Wife's specialty.


[danial][ma] said...

yup! i wanna some...what a yummy pudding...i miss that...

Josh said...

Kalo nak, balik le sini.. hehehe