Thursday, October 13, 2011

Strange But True

I must share this experience with you guys. 

Just yesterday, I lost my phone while paying for my breakfast at the restaurant pay-counter. I was very sure I put it on the counter right in front of me, on top of the book I was reading. A few guys were just queuing behind me. Without realizing it, someone took my phone while I was busy getting the change and put them into my wallet. As I go off from the counter, a few steps away, I realized my phone was gone. I turned to the cashier and inquired about my phone. She was blank and had no idea. The few guys behind me was gone. She asked the workers and waiters, none aware of it. I knew my phone was stolen. *panicking....

I was in dismay. I was heavily relied on the phone. Lot's of work info, appointments, schedule and others were saved in there. Loosing the phone was like loosing an assistant. Worst still, the phone was a gift from my wife only four months!!! 

I called the phone from the office, just to check if it's still on. Normally, if the phone is stolen, the thief would turn the phone off. However,  my phone got connected but no one answered. I tried another twenty times or so, it rang but no one picked up. I did the same at noon, and then in the afternoon. Still, no one answered. The thing is, why didn't the person shut the phone off?

This morning, I went to the same restaurant for breakfast. After my meal, I went to the counter to make payment. Then I asked the cashier (not the one I talked to yesterday) about my phone. Surprisingly, she said someone hand in a phone to the cashier yesterday noon, almost 4 hours after i left the restaurant. The person said that the phone was left on the table. By then, there was a change of work-shift and no one knew the morning incident. The cashier locked the phone in the drawer and passed it to the restaurant owner at night. And now, I got my phone back!  I would not have got it if I didn't ask the cashier. 

The thing is, why was my phone hand to the cashier 4 hours after the incident? Probably the thief was guilt driven? or his conscience was kicking? I have no idea, but I really thank God for this. Lesson learnt. Always put phone into pocket. 

The moral of the story, there're still good people out there after all. The indonesian cashier didn't even give it a thought to keep the phone for herself. The person who 'claimed' to saw the phone left on the table pass it to the counter. 

God, there're blessings in disguise, and i thank you :-D