Thursday, January 31, 2008

Soalan Bahasa

Josh ada soalan mengenai bahasa Malaysia ni (atau bahasa Melayu).

Soalan 1: Apa bezanyer cangkung ngan tenggong?

Soalan 2: Kambing mengembik, burung berkicauan. Tapi kalo burung kaka tua, berkicauan ke dia?

Soalan 3: Macam maner kita nak describe burung kakak tua yang asyik bising je?

Cikgu-cikgu semua, sila tunjuk ajar. Maklumlah, Josh ni budak baru belajar.

Kak Lin Is Back

Kak Lin who'd started her PhD research in Cambridge U last year is back in town. Ada urusan yang perlu diselesaikan kat sini.

We had lunch together, the whole gang. Had buffet at a university hotel nearby. Itieww makchiik Cambridge khata itieww masakan sini shangatt phedaass...

I had some appetizers before the main course. These rojak and achar were nice.

Kak Lin kata dia dah semakin cerah dah, siap banding-banding ngan saya. Yes, she is fairer now. Tapi i tak puas hati sebab dia lebih cerah. So, i gave her this challenge, "Ye ke cerah? kalo nak tengok kulit yang cerah, ni lah yang paling cerah... (sambil pusing ke belakang, tangan siap pura-pura tarik seluar ke bawah, nak tunjuk buntut yang putih gerbu.. hehehehe)"
"Heiiii! Geliiiiii tau!!!" jerit Puan A. Gurau je puan, kalo saya tunjuk, rugi ler saya....
Pastu kita posing-posing.

Puan A ngan adik Fahm gelak-gelak sehingga nampak lubang hidung dia orang.. hehe

Itu Datin ah, dia manyak lapar... sibuk makan sahaja, tala mau campur....

Pastu kita amik group photo... ish Josh tu siiiiibuk je ngan handphone tu.

Welcome home Kak Lin. Rehat ler masa cuti ni.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Distributing Manderin Oranges

CNY is just around the corner.
"Nak limau (I want manderin oranges)" would be the common phrase among my colleagues around this time every year. I bought boxes of manderin oranges to the office today and make sure everyone got their share. If this little gesture can bring smiles to their face, to tighten our friendship and to uplift the team spirit, the money is certainly worth spending.

A very Happy & Prosperous New Year to all my colleagues and friends.

Note: Manderin oranges are especially important to cantonese because 'Kum' (manderin oranges) in cantonese means 'gold'. More Kum, more gold.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Bear is Coping Just Fine

Our new member of the 'family', the black Newcastle United bear, is coping just fine at our home. He'd became an instant favourite to many of my friends who came over. He spent most of his time in the living room with the other soft friends. They loved him.

When friends came over, they like to bring him to the garden. Even little Jesse loved him very much.

See the grin on his face? I guess he is coping well in our family, even though he'd just joined us two days ago.

Disclaimer: This bear is not keturunan Jawa, nor he speaks Jawa. He's not Honey Bear's relative, nor is his family member. But he got much resemblance to Honey Bear. Both are cute and huggable.

Lidah Jin Berbunga

Updated on 29 Jan, 8.00am. It's lidah jin, not lidah gin. Thanks pinky. My mistake.
Jarang kita dapat tengok lidah jin berbunga. Tapi pokok-pokok lidah jin yg kat rumah Josh berbunga. Semua yang mengelilingi garden Josh berbunga. Ni kira kali yang kedua. Satu rumah berbau wangi... kekadang tu wangi sangat waktu tengah malam, sebab bungi ni kembang waktu malam, siang kucup pulak.

Kawan datang malam. Pastu dia cium bau wangi ni... mula-mula dia diam.. tapi last-last sebelum dia balik dia bisik-bisik (macam takut orang lain dengar)
"....naper garden awak ni harum semacam?"
Dia kata bila cium bau wangi-wangi tengah malam tu rasa lain macam je... hehehe, sesuatu kan?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

He prepared lunch, she baked cookies

It's Saturday again. I slept late last night trying to finish up some paperwork and found myself difficult to wake up this morning. So wife brought mum-in-law to the wet market alone. I went to pick up a parcel from the post office branch nearby.

My wife was trying out a new cookie recipe, she wanted to bake some cookies for CNY. Since she's busy with the baking thingy, I got myself busy in the kitchen, preparing lunch. A simple soup, and some 'yong-tau-fu'. Actually, the original 'yong-tau-fu' refers to bean curds stuffed with minced meet or fish. Tau-fu refers to bean curd in chinese, while the word 'yong' mean stuffing. It's a Hakka (one of chinese dialect) dish. These were my cooking: steamed stuffed bitter gourd (my mum's recipe), and braised stuffed dried bean curd or 'tau-pok'.

Wife tried out the new recipe from my aunt. I think it's 'kuih makmur', kot.

They turned out to be very nice, yummy. I'd booked one container for myself and myself alone. Hehehehe..
My wife will baked some other cookies some other day. Mostly to be given out to friends and relatives, and of course for our friend in UK too.

A Parcel from UK

Jangan ingat Beruang Madu je yang selalu terima hadiah, Josh pun ada tau. Dapat parcel dari UK. Masa posmen hantar ke rumah kita, takde orang kat rumah sebab waktu kerja. So Josh kena gi amik kat Cawangan Serahan Mel dekat rumah Josh hari ni. Tak pernah gi tempat tu. Dan ni kali pertama Josh masuk tempat orang-orang pejabat pos susun mel untuk dihantar oleh posmen. Frankly, that place is the most non-customer friendly place I'd ever been to. Dah ler sampai tempat tu takde sign board, kena cari dari bangungan ke bangunan, pintu ke pintu. Ish...... Tiga orang Josh kena tanya baru dapat tempat yang betul. Nasib baik abg yang jaga parcel tu friendly sangat dan peramah. Sejuk hati Josh.

Bawak balik terus bukak. Rupa-rupa kawan baik Josh kat UK tu belikan Josh kasut Clark yang berlubang-lubang. He knows that i like this type of shoes as feet need aeration. Dia bagi anak patung bear kat my wife. She loved it! The parcel came with a short note with brief explanations of the items inside.

I put on the shoes. They fitted perfectly. I love it! I love it! My feet felt so windy, hehehe..

These are the items in the parcel. Tiga items untuk Josh, satu je untuk wife (she got jeles, hehe)

Ni dia kasut clark tu kat kaki Josh. Ada cantik?

Now I got two pairs of Clark. Seronoknyerrr.....

Note to D: Thanks D. Wife will bake some cookies for u, and I'll send some more goodies.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Dinner with Fellow Bloggers

I got an invitation to join these fellow bloggers for dinner two days ago. I was undecided by then, knowing that I would be very busy the next day. I rearranged my schedule and got home early yesterday. Sempat join diorang for dinner. Five of us all together. Beruang Madu, Dr. Shah, Arel, Hairie, and of course, me lah. Suddenly I felt like I was standing among the giants. I was the kecikiest among them.

Arel (left) and Beruang Madu (right)

Dr. Shah brought along his DSLR. Busy taking photos of the food and the surrounding as I did.

Hairie, whom I'd known for many years.

So I considered myself lucky as I stay nearby to this restaurant that we went to. Seronok ada orang belanja. They invited me for some sort of celebration. Congratulations guys, and thanks for the treat.

I ordered cucumber lime, my favourite. I recommended to them too. Ntah diaorang suka ke tak. Ok kot. This drink is cooling, and especially good after a spicy meal. Also recommended after taking BBQed food or grilled food. Cucumbers are good anti-carcinogen maaa.

These were some of the food we (or to be exact, Abg bear yang order, kita dok sembang je)had ordered.
My cucumber lime drink to start with.

Yang ni ikan tiga rasa. Ikan apa ntah.

Yang ni pulak, butter prawn yang takde rasa butter dan takde ruper butter prawn (now u can guest how I rate this dish).

Asparagus goreng ni..... erm... erm.... like eating twigs. Obviously, they forgot to peel off the old skin that gave the 'chewing on twigs' feeling.

This is quite ok, stir fried squid with sauce. But I can't find the squid.

All in all, the food was not as good as those at a restaurant at Kuala Selangor (according to Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu), nor at the restaurant next to this one. Lot's of improvements to be done! More pics and reviews can be found at Beruang Madu's blog and Dr. Shah's blog.

But of course, the gathering was not about the food, it's about development of friendship and getting to know each other better. I found them fun to be with. They're very friendly, easy going and completely non-attitude. Cool. It is through blogging that I came to know this bunch of fun loving friends. Now, who said blogging is a waste of time??

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

CNY decor at church

I was at the church the whole morning, helping Mr. & Mrs. Wan to put up the CNY decor. This was how the stage look like before decor.

Then Mrs. Wan got the raw materials ready. I was busy baby sitting the ever energetic boy.

Then we all got started, leaving their son running around the church all by himself.

Mrs. Wan gave some finishing touch, before asking me to snap a family photo for them.

By the time we finished the job, it's already 2.30pm. We had lunch together before I went home.
I received an invitation for dinner with a bunch of friends at Bangi tomorrow night. I can't promise them straight away as I know tomorrow's schedule will be tight. On the other hand, I've been looking forward to join them for dinner, letting them down will also mean letting myself down. hm..... will confirm with them tomorrow.

Breakfast with friends

It's Thaipusam today. Since everyone is not working, we decided to have breakfast together. We chose a restaurant in Bangi. Tambi and wife joined in. Mr. Wan & family came abit later.

Out of seven of us, 5 took this delicious mee-hoon soto. I think it's the sambal kicap that makes the difference. It's hot, yet yummy. I give it A-, 8/10 (hee hee.. ikut cara Dr. Shah & Beruang Madu buat rating.)

Tambi & Mrs. Wan scooped spoon after spoon of the hot sambal into their mouth as if it's rice. Yikes, I can't do that. It's HOT!

We chatted for awhile before we went on our own way. I followed Mr. & Mrs. Wan to the church to help them up on the CNY decor. Wife went to her office (it's holiday, precious, why leave me alone at home??) because she said I'm not at home anyway, hehehe.