Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Special Discount at Marrybrown

Everyone in the office were busy for these few days. We had 45 minutes for lunch today and we'd decided to do lunch at Marrybrown at Seksyen 7 Shah Alam. At times when we're in hurry, this Marrybrown branch would be a good choice for a quick meal.

These two burung kakak tua were busy on the phone. Kicauing away like I was not there. But that was the most 'quiet' moment that I can have, as they were wispering. Their larling was on the other side of the line kot.

I like the food here. The chicken was crispy and tender. The service was good, friendly and was pretty fast.

Suddenly Puan Tod-tod did something so funny (and senget) that I laughed until I almost farted. Oopss..

What surprised me was that the lady boss came to the counter as I order my lunch.
"Ni Ah Josh kan? i read your blog." before turning to her staff and said, "bagi dia 10% discount ye."

Aiyoooo... terharunyerrr Ah Josh ni.... dapat diskaun kat Marrybrown. Not only I got the discount, the two burungs also enjoyed the special offer.

I intended to approach the lady boss after the meal and thank her again for the treat. But we were in the hurry and was unable to do that. Apparently the Akak boss (marrybrownshahalam) did left a comment in my previous entry about Marrybrown. Terima kasih banyak-banyak Kak. Josh terharu dapat discount.

MIM, jangan jeles...

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Riau Trip - The Boring Part - 2

In case you don't know how Pekanbaru look like, it's a town more or less like Seremban. Not a tourist spot, nor a shopping heaven. In fact, it's a quiet town. This was how Pekanbaru, Riau look like from the plane we were in.

We visited another university on the second day. A public U, and more 'kaya' then the private U we went the day before. I was not surprised, as our local public U s are also 'luxurious' with various facilities as compared to many other private institutions. We paid a courtesy call to the Vice Chansellor before we proceed to the meeting room for more presentations and discussions.

We had fruitful discussions, with great possibility of collaborations in the future. Visited their labs thereafter before we went for lunch in a beautiful restaurant. The hosting university gave us a treat. I noticed that the Riau like to call their restaurant Rumah Makan or Pondok.

Interestingly, the restaurant would place all sorts of food on the table. Rather, they would place all the food available (in small portion) in that restaurant on our table. They'll tick and calculate how much we have taken, by counting the empty plates.

I remember that satay stalls in Kajang used to have this kind of system about 15 years ago. Patrons were seated, and the stall will serve all sorts of satay. They'll count the bamboo sticks at the end of the meal. But due to hygiene reason, this system is no longer practiced.

Oh ya, coming soon --- THE RIAU TRIP - THE INTERESTING PART.

Riau Trip - The Boring Part - 1

My recent trip to Riau was brief and tight. Two and a half days in all. We were actually on our official visit to two universities. Flight at 1050 hours.

Reached Riau within 45 minutes. We checked in to this hotel. It's 11.30 on local time.

Then we visit this Universitas in the afternoon. Did some presentations and discussions.

The university presented us this gift for each of us. I like the box, so exotic.

This is the content of the box. A plaque. Erm... I still prefer the box then the content. hehe

The meeting ends in the evening. I swam abit in the hotel swimming pool before we went for an interesting dinner.... which will be in the Riau Trip - The Interesting Part entry.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Sibuk Banget

Josh sibuk banget sejak balik dari Riau. Takde masa blog. Sabar ye kawan-kawan semua.

Gi Riau pun tight schedule, takde sangat amik gambar.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Off to Riau Today

Flight at 1050 hr, back home on Sunday morning. Will blog about it when I'm back. For the time being, just give this blog some rest.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lunch With Budlee

I had some official matters on somewhere nearby to Budlee's lab this morning. I called him for lunch and he brought me to this place, tempat yang femes dengan kambing bakar dan sotong bakar.

You can smell the grilled stuff from the parking lot. By the way, it's located at Sungai Merab. Lariz is the place.

Bud was telling me that he was trying to figure out on how to describe to Abg Bear on the route to this place. I agreed. It's quite tricky and difficult to tell people how to come to this place. It's not really hidden, but it's way far from any highway. It's not a place that you can spot road sign easily either. Takyah cakap lah, bawak je lagi senang.

I love the grilled squid. Very juicy and fragrant.

I realized that I had been there, ages ago. It had changed a lot.

Huge Differences

Upon request, here's the photo of a student leaving some notes on the answer script.

And here's how the answers look like. Semua salah. Another set of good answers as comparison.

In the end, they got their marks. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can tell which belongs to which.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nak muntah...

A simple question was asked in the exam. Meant to be a bonus for students. But this was one of the muntahing answer. I'm shocked.

The question was "What are the functions of water in a living biological system?"
Source of ENERGY?

......nak muntah...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mata Juling

Sibuk sangat kebelakangan ni. Pemarkahan kertas jawapan. Josh memang x suka bagi student soalan multiple choices. Soalan esei lah yang betul-betul boleh menguji keupayaan and kefahaman student tentang subjek yang dia belajar. Tu sebabnyer soalan exam Josh Semuanya esei (untuk pelajar tahun akhir). Akibatnyer? Josh amik masa yg paaaanjanggg sangat untuk baca jawapan diaorang.

Banyak yang kena tanda. Atas meja, tepi meja, dan jugak yang masih dalam bungkusan. Beratus-ratus.

Besok dateline untuk masukkan markah dalam sistem. Berpuluh-puluh jam Josh buat benda ni. Juling mata Josh.

Jumaat ni nak gi Riau dah, tapi slide presentation untuk seminar kat situ tak buat lagi... Minggu depan student tahun akhir ada viva, Josh ada 16 buah thesis belum baca lagi..... Ada student tengah buat latihan industri, Josh belum buat lawatan untuk buat penilaian lagi....

Heran, naper Josh tiba-tiba tulis entry ni dalam BM?? ni sebab tensi sangat kot.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Farewell Dinner

Two of our church members will be going back to their hometown after spending 3 years in UKM. They had been very helpful and sweet enough to support most of the activities we'd organised. These two ladies are from Sarawak.

We organised a farewell steamboat and korean grill dinner last night.

One of my favourite, crabs. There were also prawns, squids and cuttlefishies.

Of course, lots of vegie, yong-tau-fu, balls and many other yummilicious stuff.

Both of them will become teachers. One of them, HC is the best student of the faculty. All the best to both of you BP and HC.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Place That I Frequent Nowaday

This is the place where I frequent lately.

By hook or by crook, I'd paid the membership for a year. I'll have to adjust my time and even my lifestyle, so that I can fully utilise the money I'd paid. For the sake of health.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Finally But Not Yet

Final, I had received the long overdue letters yesterday late evening. They took more then two weeks to meet and discuss, and discuss again and again to finally came up with the decision (I was told). Note the date '2006'. Yes, it has been that long.

I'm happy, yet reserved. I had received letters like these before but some one claimed they're invalid, and gave all sorts of reason so that I don't get what I supposed to get (kan, anonymous yang jauh tu, kan?). Though that person is no longer in power, I'll still have to wait until I got my pay by the end of the month, only then I'll be really happy.

If you're blur with what i'd written above, read this entry.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

iBook Went To Clinic

Something wrong with my iBook. It couldn't start. I had no idea what had happened and clueless in solving the problem. The best thing to do is to send the Book to the clinic.

I sent it to the Machines in Mid Valley this morning, and they refer me to the Machines in the Garden. They clicked here and there, touched this and that, press here and there again. Then the problem solved. Hm... They couldn't identify the problem, but at least my iBook can start now.

Had lunch with Hairie at KLCC. Since I was in KL, might as well call him to accompany me for lunch. Sorry, no pics, I forgot.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sansevieria Propagation

I cut some sansevieria leaves from my garden and put them onto a vase and placed the vase in my office. It's been 6 months. The leaves still look good.

Not only they're still green, they had even produced roots and young shoots.

I love this plant. Sansevieria is easy to grow, and can survive with minimal sunlight. A good choice as in-door plant. The propagation is very simple, just get some leave cuttings and shove them into the soil, or in this case, plain water. Roots will be produced in a month, follow by young shoots.

Sansevieria tu apa?? Lidah Jin lerrrr.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Newborn in the Family

Disclaimer: Entry in tidak sama dan tidak serupa dengan entry Beruang Madu yang ini.

Introducing to you.. er... erm... well, a newborn baby to my brother-in-law's family. Still no name given. Very cute and small. But too fragile and too soft for me to handle her for now. I'll just wait for another two to three weeks until she's 'stiff' enough for this rough uncle.

Her elder brother, two years old by now, had 'suddenly' grown up. Ever since the birth of his little sister, he had been behaving well and acted like a big brother. Now, he can play games by himself, having meals by himself and even take off and put on clothing by himself.

It's fun to see children enjoying themselves, and behave well at the same time. I don't know how to deal with little hooligans. Mungkin Kak Ja tau kot.