Monday, December 31, 2007

Mum's Garden

While Dad spend time in his orchard, mum date with her garden. I think I had inherited the love for flowers and gardenening from mum. Mum got a huge garden to herself, while mine is confined within a 10 x 15 feet space.

I could not hold myself but to let loose of my 'photography addiction' when i set my eyes on mum's garden. Jealous saya. I snapped and snapped and snapped. Sehingga mak pulak jadi director
"tu belum amik gambar lagi"
"bunga yang cantik ni pun belum amik gambar lagi, kan?"
"Yang warna purple tu dah amik ke belum?"
"Waa... ni cantik, ni cantik.. Amik la gambar"

Boleh camtu? Seronok. Setelah buang yang tak cantik, I have a total of 250 shots of flowers, plants, moss, and objects. Wife asyik geleng kepala je tengok husband dia 'demam'.

These pics are of high resolution, sesuai jadi wallpapers. Sila klik untuk membesarkan gambar dan muat-turun. Silakan, silakan.

Note: I'm not as rajin as Amazonman, I don't label the flowers. Me not know the name maa.

Dad's ochard harvest

These are some of the fruits available from my Dad's ochard. At the age near to 80, he's still active and kicking. He spend much of his time enjoying his day with friends in Kopitiam, and occasionally will spend the whole day at the ochard. I thank God for my Dad's health.
This is Pomelo. Nice and sweet.

Pineapple flowers. The pineairpple taste good.

The kedondong

Yang ni ciku yang ultra-sweet.

Durian belanda. Sedap buat air.

Tadaaaaaa...... my favourite. Kelapa muda, sedaaappp.

Sorriiiiiii, no durian here. Banyak pokok duian, talak buah. Bukan musim maaa...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Balik kampung

Josh kat kampung sekarang. Walaupun ada internet access, Josh jarang update. Nak spend time ngan keluarga. This time round is REAL holiday. Cuti rehat. So kat kampung reeeehat je tiap-tiap hari. hehehe. Will update blog whenever I'm free.

Dad's ochard is fruiting. Banyak buah. Mum's garden is blooming. Banyak bunga. Sibuk ler Josh yg demam photography ni. Mak pun geleng kepala je tengok anak bongsunyer sibuk ngan kamera tu.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Party

It's an yearly event. Not that we want to do this every year, but it was actually upon overwhelming requests by many friends and relatives. We thought we could run away this year and celebrate Christmas at my hometown with my mum and dad. But if we were to do so, many would be disappointed. This year, we cut down our budget. Upon special invitation only. Or else, the turn out will be too many to handle.

We catered some food and I made some drinks while wife prepared some agars and puddings. This is Malaysia, celebration=food.

For the children, the fun part is when they received their christmas gifts.

For the adults, it's time to catch up on each others.

And for some, sipping red wine while enjoying some tidbits and chatting with fellow friends were just heavenly. I don't drink, so I'm not in the category. I can't take liquors, they'll turn my face (and the whole body) ultra-red!

Christmas is about love. God loves us, and therefore, we should love one another, even to those that we felt so difficult to love. For there's no discrimination in God's love.

Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to my blog readers.

p/s. Beruang Madu, dah letak gambar banyak-banyak dah. Betul tak buat camni?

Thanksgiving Service

Christmas is not only a season of celebration, love, share and forgiving. It's also the time of counting God's blessing. We had not been helding this Thanksgiving Service thingy for a year plus, so we organised one on the night of Christmas day. God had showered His blessing on both me and my wife's life. God is good.

We did some changes to our plan. We celebrated our Christmas at our Kajang home. Christmas night celebration on 24th at Church. Then the Christmas thanksgiving service on 25th morning at church. Later on, our very own thanksgiving service at home on 25th evening, 6pm. Will be back to my hometown on Friday, till 1st Jan.

Our Thanksgiving services attendance was upon invitation only. Close church members attended. The last time when we open to all a year ago, a total of 160 attended and squeezed into our tiny house.

That night, I shared on the many blessings that I'd recieved from God.
And that now I'm into blogging world, I'm blessed with wonderful blogger friends.

Limau dan Badak

Pagi ni Puan Yantod bagi saya limaus dan ubi badaks. Ni hasil dari kampung kot. Susah-susah dia bawak dari Kelantan, masa dia balik dari Raya Haji. Best! Tenkiu Tod.

Nota kaki: Ubi badak masak bubur cacha sedap!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Busy Christmas

Amik cuti 6 hari bukannyer boleh rehat pun. Sibukkkk teramat sangat. Tapi Christmas tahun ni memang best, sibuk tapi bermakna. My brother and another old friend (pompuan) came over and stayed with us for few days. Lot's of activities, caroling, shopping, makaning, celebrating, makaning, rehersing, makaning again....

Takde masa nak update bebanyak. len kali je lah, tu pun kalo ada masa. Hujung minggu sampai tahun depan (waa...macam lama sangat) will be busy. Sorry ye kalo Josh jarang update blog ni.

Ni je gambar yang sempat upload kali ni. Banyak sangat gambar yang Josh ambik, sampi bini pun dah kata saya ni dah demam gambar.

Nota kaki: Perasan tak reflection josh kat bola hiasan tu? I laik, I laik.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Photography in My Garden, Again.

I spent more then an hour in my garden this morning. Watering and weeding, then snapped some photos. I can't get bored with my garden. I love plants. Some wallpapers free for download. Click to enlarge.

Reflections at Living Room

I got up this morning, slided open the glass doors. These reflections of the sunlight and my garden paused my motion. Sometimes we take things for granted. God perform miracles everyday, they only require us to stop for awhile to notice them. Beautiful things are just at my door steps. Cool.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Bamboo Walkway

Many got enchanted by the beauty of the Bamboo Walkway at Alamanda. It's so calming under the shade, especially under the overcasted sunlight. No wonder many would just stop for awhile, sit on the bench and enjoy the serenity. Me and Sbanboy spent a full hour at this place. We had attracted many stares. Two grown-ups posed in various(and even weird) positions, not to be snapped, but to snap photos. Here're some of my works. Feel free to download as wallpapers. Click to enlarge.