Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our 6th Anniversary

It's been six years. Six wonderful years. With all the ups and downs of a married couple, our relationship had grown stronger. And with God's blessing, He put a gem into our family, our baby Justin.

Years ago, our wedding anniversary was celebrated in style, just the two of us. Some how, baby Justin had changed our lifestyle. We're very contented with moderation nowaday. This year, our anniversary was celebrated at a cheap but yummy restaurant, the Little Penang at Alamanda, Putrajaya.

Our husband-and-wife relationship had grown to another level. We can read each other's mind by merely looking at each other's subtle body language. Cook for our partner his/her favourite dish is just another way of saying 'I love you deeply', beside the usual morning goodbye and evening goodnight kisses. Wedding anniversary is not just a-day-in-a-year celebration, it's a life time celebration since the moment we said 'I do' and pronounced as husband and wife.

Now I got two gems in my heart. My wife, a gem that God had prepared for me, to be the companion of my life, and baby Justin, a gem that God gave to us for the celebration of our love.

Happy anniversary, precious.