Monday, June 30, 2008

Homemade Sushi and Nonya Kitchen

Kak Lin is back for holiday, again. Cambridge had kept her well. Dah semakin putih dan ceria minah ni. She came over to our office the other day, bringing along her homemade sushi. Yummy. Oh, that's the appertizer. The main course was at the Nonya Kitchen.

Rasa pelik tak? Burung kakak tua pun minat makan sushi tau.

Kak Lin mengidam curry laksa of this restaurant. To be frank, me too. The laksa is very nice. Thick and spicy. Hm... dah naik harga rupa-rupanya...

The restaurant is very comfortable. The waiters are very friendly and well-mannered.

This is the thick spicy curry laksa. A must try.

By looking at our facial expression, you know how good the taste was. Simply yummy.

Hehehe... Kak Lin sudah mula berjinak-jinak ngan amik gambar... will nag her to start up a blog. Abg Den, please help.

By the way, Puan Tod-tod and Puan A joined us too. But since Puan tod-tod was shy-shy burung, this was the only photo of her taken. And Puan A was banned from appearing in this entry sebab dia x pakai chopstick seperti yang diharapkan oleh Abg Den. Takyah beli chopstick mahal-mahal untuk Puan A ler Abg Den, buat rugi je.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rock Chocolates from Dubai

Imran got me this lovely chocs from Dubai. It's yummy as it's very soft inside. The coating is crispy. Very colourful too. Thanks Imran. Thanks also due to Dr. Shah for passing them over to me. Thanks to Beruang Madu for informing me about this.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Aiyo...Scandal (Eeeeewwww)

Remember the Choose love entry? A bunch of us had lunch together just now and this issue arises again. Worst still, it seems that the issue had slowly metamorphosed into scandal.

I don't usually get myself into this type of thing. But if I got victimized, I will not remain silent. One of my scientific research projects is coming to an end soon and there were quite an amount of grant left (more then 40K). But I was refrained from using the grant. No clear reason given.

On the other hand, someone can use the money for all the person wanted to, even to the extend of traveling oversea. I don't blame this person, really. The question is, why this person can, and I can't?? Worst still, the grant is from MOSTI, under my name. And I was pissed off when I was told I can't use the money any more, unless on things that he want me to spend on, which to me is a total waste of money. I can't get hold of the money without his signature.

Latest news about this issue was rather scandalous. Apparently, some feeling and emotion were slowing developing, single sidedly. Eeeewwww......

When the root cause of any favouritism is all about liking (and loving), it's just.. EEEEEWWWWWW.........

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Glorious Food (of Bangkok House, shhh......)

Disclaimer: This entry is not for those who dislike others enjoying good food and showing photos of good food in this blog. But if you do insist, do read this entry as if you're enjoying the art of photography.... Hahahahahaha...... Sorry Kingkong, i broke my promise. hehehe..

I can't stand it. Seeing nice photos of good food in Dr. Syukur's blog, I must put up mine as well. No lah, it's just that I took a lot of photos and I thought it might be nice to share with my readers. I ordered fragrant coconut. Very nice.

The seafood tomyam was without prawn (someone dislike prawns). It's really thick, hot, sour and enhanced with a bit of curry. I think it's to the level of the one I had in Kota Bharu.

Cashew nuts chicken. A bit sweet, very aromatic. Hamdi's request.

Chili and lime steamed fish. Gosh... it's so appetizing and tantalizing. Beruang Madu's must-order.

The mango salad or kerabu manga. Not that special though. Just average.

The green beef curry was rather interesting. It's my second time having such dish. The beef was tender, and the gravy was really thick. Imran was kind enough to help scoop up the beef for the photograph sake.

This is a must-try! The seafood otak-otak. It's interesting to see how they wrap the dish. The otak-otak (minsed fish meat with spices) was actually mixed with chunks of seafood. Very nice!

The stir-fried asparagus was just ok. Tasted nice but rather ordinary.

This cut of custard pudding in pumpkin is just so nice looking. They filled the cooked pumpkin with pudding.

I didn't try this one. Being a sinusitis sufferer, I try not to have icy cold drinks or food. This is red rubies.

All in all, the food was great. Though the price is a bit above average, it's still affordable. Must try.

Gotong-royong Ofis

Nak buat macam Ain-ain, buat entry dalam BM sebab konpius. Boleh?

Ni berita semalam, dah basi. Tapi nak jugak postkan, sebab dah penat-penat Josh amik gambar. Kalo tak silap Josh lah, ada lah kengkawan yang mengharapkan gambar-gambar diaorang tu muncul kat blog ni. Kan? kan?

Disebabkan kita dah diberikan tempat ni, tapi nak tunggu diaorang bersihkan ntah ler sampai bila. So, kita sebulat suara bersihkan tempat tu, supaya kita boleh diguankannye untuk pelbagai kegunaan. Yes, lecturer pun buat kerja macam cleaner. Tak kesian pun, sebab Josh anggap aktiviti camni merupakan masa yg baik untuk memupuk team spirit and semangat kekitaan.

Kita alihkan barang-barang yang dah tidak dipakai. Gulungkan tikar yang kita memang tanak. Pastu simbah ngan air, dan bersihkan lantai.

Tingkap yang dah berhabuk sangat tu pun kita bersihkan. Siap lap pakai benda getah tu lagi (ntah apa nama).

Nak jugak tunjuk gambar nih. Bukti Josh buat kerja gak. hahaha...

Kita semua dibahagikan kepada beberapa kumpulan. Gambar bawah ni kumpulan lain. Nak dijadikan cerita, adalah mamat kat gambar nih yang saja nak buat kerja 'dekat-dekat ngan bos'.. Kenapa ye?? hahahaha

Ni Puan A yang berpakaian macam penyamun. Rajin ooo Puan A ni lap bagai. Kan? kan?

Ni gambar tangan Encik Rop dihiaskan dengan lipas kubin. Eh, ada ke lipas kubin?? cicak kubin ada lah..

Kumpulan ni memang kuat team spirit. Segala benda, segala kerja nak jugak buat dalam kumpulan, walaupun kerja-kerja yang remeh-temeh. Patut puji.

Ada jugak makan-makan sebenarnye. Tapi tanak lah tunjuk. Makan tengahari tu Abg J yang hensem tu sponsor. Siapakah itu??

Bangkok House, One of the Best Thai Restaurant in Town

I had a great time last night. I texted Beruang Madu for dinner last weekend, together with Dr. Shah and Imran (baru dapat tau mamat hensem ni dah ada kat KL, he was in Dubai before this) along. But to my surprise, there were 7 bloggers all together last night. Here's the name list: Beruang madu, Dr. Shah, Imran, Dr. Hamdi, Saharil Conteng, Dr. Syukur and me, Ah Josh of course. It's my first time meeting Imran, Dr. Syukur and Saharil.

I'd decided not to post any photo of the food we had, nanti KingKong mrajuk xnak kawan pulak (hehehehe..). Out of seven of us, five are DSLR camera owner, and photography enthusiast. Our photography-crazy behaviour had alienated Imran and Saharil. Sorry ye kawan-kawan, kita 'terdemam' sekejap. You would see scene like this every time there's a dish served.

Some note worth mentioned about the bloggers: Imran was so well mannered and gentlemen that I felt like I was 'kurang sopan' on the table. Dr. Syukur was a bit quiet but observant. I like his Nikon DSLR. Dr. Hamdi was constantly snapping, living up to the name as the true photography enthusiast. Saharil Conteng was shy (shy ke??) and quiet (or he had been outshone by BM's loud voice? hehe). Both Saharil and BM dislike prawn. Dr. Shah is always well mannered but might crack some sarcastic jokes out of the blue and make everyone laughed. And Yazeed the Beruang Madu, cheer leader and the loud speaker (ooopss..), as usual. I'm the kecikiest and comeliest man last night.

This photos shows 'mama bear' distributing the steamed fish to her 'little cubs'. So loving, kan?

You can find Bangkok House at Jalan Pandan Indah 4/8, Pandan Indah. Lovely little restaurant. Not so crowded.

For the photos of food and others, do check out Dr. Syukur's entry. And Dr. Shah's too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Bought a Pair of New Shoes

When dating with Puan A and Datin at Uncle K the other day, my old faithful shoe metamorphosed a bit, exposing my cute sock. We quickly went to the Bonia outlet within the mall. And I bought myself this pair of new shoes and put them on immediately. I left my old shoe in the shop.

Talking about leather shoes, I usually prefers those leather shoes with shoelaces. Somehow, I decided to change my taste a bit. This pair of new shoes do not have the shoelaces, and I found them very easy to wear. Just slip my feet in and I can walk off. Cool.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Overdue Entry - Review on Uncle K Kopitiam

I got the photos ready for this post two weeks ago. Somehow I can't find the time to write the entry by then. Various activities follow and I was completely tied up with my work so much so that I forgot about this entry.

This Uncle K Kopitiam is situated at SACC mall, just a few meters away from the Asiari. Good ambience, friendly staff, but.... (I'll explain later)..

Puan A and Datin joined me for lunch. The two burung kakak tua (Puan Tod-tod and Puan Sue-sue) were on leave. Caya tak si Datin tu tengok paper pasal bola sepak? Caya tak Datin tu minat bola sepak??

Puan A ordered the toast. The size of the toast was big, with generous spread of peanut butter and kaya. Looks tempting, but taste blunt. The bread was chewy. If you have denture, don't order this one.

I ordered the beef meatballs with fries. The meatballs were so elastic that you can play table tennis with these. Kinda reminds me of a movie by Steven Chow where he uses the meatball as substitute to the ping-pong ball. The taste? incomparable to the tasty and juicy meatballs in the Ikea's restaurant. Again, if u have denture, don't order ya, unless you wanna play ping-pong right on the spot.

And Datin ordered the sandwich. Tuna sandwich, they claimed to be the in-house favourite - "Uncle K all time favourite tuna sandwich". Datin didn't quite like it. Who would? it's icy cold, basically very dry and chewy (again). Let alone the neither salty nor saltless taste.

Well, Puan A and Datin had already decided to ban this kopitiam. I'm still considering. Should I give them second chance?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Two Birthdays in a Weekend

First, the birthday of our young niece, Ms H. She was sort of giving us hints on what she expected to get on her birthday. 'I want a surprise, I want a necklace.' she told my wife last week. Helloooo.... that's a request, not a surprise, young lady. And my wife bought her the present. She was excited to see the 'big' packaging.

It's getting smaller after layers and layers of wrapping..... the smile fades a little as the present get smaller.

Finally, the box of surprise unveiled. The smile turned into a jaw-dropping joy!

It's a crystal necklace and a crystal bracelet of her favourite colour, from her Auntie C and Uncle Josh.

Second, my mother-in-law's birthday. No present for her this year, just a yummilicious lunch. I remember buying her a few presents for the past few years, but she was not really using them even though she was the one who hinted us what to buy: Grill oven, steamer, pressure cooker, to name a few.

She love to have children and grandchildren around her. Gathering like this always bring joy and contented grins on her face. Me and my wife got to help look after this little fella.

An enjoyable lunch for sure. Happy Birthday to You Zhang Mama, and may God bless you abundantly and grant you health.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Interesting Things and Places in Kota Bharu (at least for me)

There're a few things and places in Kota Bharu that I found them interesting. First, the places:

1. Rantau Panjang: Lot's of cheap stuff, especially those from our neighbouring country Thailand. Lot's of tudung at very cheap price. I bought a shirt, 6 cans of peanuts with various flavours, and dried jackfruits (crackers).

2. Pasar Siti Khatijah: I was specifically attracted by the arrays of fruits available in this market. Lot's of fruits, local foods, baju kurungs, kebayas, tudungs, and silk clothings. I bought 3 kilos of Mango, 3 kilos of buah salak, 0.5 kg of serunding (I regretted for buying too little), 2 kilos of keropok ikan parang, and a silver kain sampin.

Actually, these are the two places that I'd managed to visit. I was told there're many others. I should have gone to Pengkalan Kubur. I wanted to buy some pyrex and corelle stuff actually.

And here're two things that caught my attention:
1. The sotong bakar. The abe (brother) took a piece of dried cuttle fish from his stall, BBQ it on top of red hot charcoal for awhile, and pressed with pressing machine for a few rounds. A short 4 inches cuttle fish became a 12 inches long, thin delicacy. Yummy. Goes well with the 'pencecah'. I had not been seeing this sotong bakar thingy for years. The last time I had was 12 years ago.

2. Dijamin tidak gatal. This is amusing. Well, it's because I don't really understand what the packaging was trying to tell. I took a good look at this crackers packaging, with "Dijamin Tidak Gatal" printed~ literally mean 'guarantee not itchy'. Can anybody explain this please??

Kota Bharu is interesting. I wanna visit this place again.