Sunday, October 24, 2010

See, light-light!

Justin turned 11 months old yesterday and papa brought him to i-City. I'd heard so much about the place and had seen tons of photos of this place in FB friends' photo Album. I'd never set my foot on i-City even though i used to work so near to this place.

It's used to be free entry, but we were charged RM10 per car last night. No doubt, the i-City was filled with lights. Light-bulbed artificial trees and giant cactus in various colour were on display. It may seems beautiful but we spent only 15 minutes there. Here're the reasons:

1. To my dismay, the place was over-crowded with limited space to walk. Probably it's weekend.

2. The place was entirely unfriendly to people with baby on stroller, let alone elderly people with difficulties to climb up stairs. My mum-in-law had difficulties, ended up standing on one spot while we hurriedly snapped some photos. Justin's stroller was basically not usable. No ramps or slope, instead, lots of staircases and multi-leveled path.
3. The major attraction was not even properly paved. Un-even pebbles and mud instead of leveled pathways.

4. A small air-cond room filled with white lights was given the name as 'cold-room', with entrance fee RM2. Sucks.
5. Car-park was dusty. The dust raised in smoke as the car passed by.

Nevertheless, Justin was in awe with the lights. We managed to snap some family photos, thanks to our church friends Mr. Wan and family who went together with us.

If you were to ask me if I would go again, my answer is a straight NO, unless improvements are made.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Trial Using iMovie

I'd been using Mac for years but never came into my mind to click the iMovie icon, let alone using the software to create movies of my own. Then one fine day, out of boredom (due to some work place matter, I lost my mood to work :-P) I clicked the icon. I was hooked.

It's kinda fun to create my own movie, really. Just drag the video clip into the box, click here and there, the movie is done.

Justin is growing up fast. Those were the nights when we got to wake up in the middle of the night to feed him every two hours. Now he's a big boy, playing his toys by his own. But that smile remain the same, as charming as ever.

Soon, he'll be running here and there, demanding every bit of your energy to be with him. As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “三岁定八十”, the first three years of a baby will shaped his personality for the entire life. We do always pray and hope that God will grant us more wisdom to raise him up as a gem to the society.