Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pondok Pizza

Brother-in-law belanja makan at Pondok Pizza. Mother-in-law came along. It's raining heavily but that does not stop us from having the dinner together. The kids were happy to have their grandma joining the dinner. So were I.

When you put three young ladies (kids to be exact) and a funny uncle together, you got funny pictures. Everyone tried their best to look funny, but of course, some would 'try' while not loosing their beauty and give away their feminine side.


Anonymous said...

Argh!!Why that pic of me from all others?? You bad, bad uncle you!!I'll get you on Sunday!!!Lol

C ya,
ur very annoyed niece,

Josh said...

[Amanda] at least I show the pic of which u still look 'beautiful and femine'. hehe