Monday, September 29, 2008

Buffet Dinner at Palace of the Golden Horses, Again.

There we went again, to the Kin No Uma Japanese Restaurant at the Palace of The Golden Horses to indulge ourselves with those mouth watering Japanese cuisine. Actually, it's a buka puasa cum welcome home dinner for our friend, who'd travelled half the globe to be home and celebrate Raya with his family.

The Palace of the Golden Horses in the evening. Just beautiful and calming.

The restaurant was already crowded when we arrived.

Here are a glimpse of some of the food they offered and some cuisines that we'd tasted.
An array of fresh seafood. Deep sea crabs, squids, prawns, bivalves, skewed salmon cutlets....

They got fresh oysters!!!!! Oooooooo

But I love this one better, the cream baked oysters, soooooooooo yummy that I took more then eight.

The grill-on-the-spot skewed seafood. Basically they're not marinated, so we got to dip them with some sauces.

This spicy seafood shabu-shabu is a MUST TRY! The soup is hot yet very delicious! I had two bowls.

What's Japanese restaurant without sushi? Though not much of variety, but they were well presented. They serve California rolls upon request.

These sashimi were soooo great! I love fish roes. Any sushi with fish roes would taste great for me.

More sashimi, and the pickled gingers.. slurp slurp...

Some mayonnaise enriched japanese salad.

Oh Gossh... these vegetable tepanyaki were so great!

Those were only 50% of the choices they had! But we just can't be able to taste all the food. At that point, we got to be selective.

Here're the desserts. Varieties of ice creams and condiments to choose from.

The Malaysian all time favourite, the shredded ice with fruits and nuts.

And also a vast variety of fresh fruits. But I'm only showing kiwis here.

But wait, I'd selected the best drink and the best dish for the night: The pink guava juice, and the superbly smooth and fragrant chawan mushi.

And finally, here're the people:
1. Honey a.k.a. Danial's larling. (no, there're not couple, just very good friend, right Honey?)

2. Our good friend whom we'd missed so much. Danial. (For the first time, his ban is lifted in this blog so you can have a glimpse of how he look like. heheheh, right Danial?)

3. Yours truly, the malu-malu kucing one. hehe

4. And my wife. (She's too shy to be in my blog).

Wow, we really enjoyed the night.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Another Weekend

This entry is overdue. It had been in my laptop's folder for ages. But I decided to share with my readers anyway.

Our two nieces will spend a day or two at our place whenever they have long holidays. Usually my wife would whip up a meal with some of our nieces' favorite dishes. Seafood to be exact.

Ooooo... sweet and sour crap, erm... crab I mean, one of our favorite. Calamaries too.

The girls would also do their girlie stuff, ie. perfume, make up, accessories, jewelries... the list goes on.

Since the girls had been wanting to have some 'expensive' drinks and yummy cheesecakes at Star-Buck, their wished were granted when they had performed very well in their term exams. Don't worry, no coffee for children, just milk and hot chocolates. The adults got the coffee of course. hehe.

I guess this is how we foster our ties with our nieces. Another term will end soon. What would they like to have this time?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

On Leave

On leave today. I need to do some errands and to settle some family matters.

I got so pissed off yesterday afternoon, when I was clearly and obviously discriminated and victimized for no reason. A clear sign of choose love and double standards in handling matters. This incident had permanently stripped off my respect towards this person. Period.

Oooo.... I'm hearing voices... voices that urges me to look for greener pastures ...

P/S don't worry. i'm ok now. In good mood. My good friend will be coming back. Yeaah...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My Lily

There're two pots of lily in my garden. One bears purplish blue flowers while the other bears blueish white ones. One thing I love about the lily is that they bear flowers, at least a stalk, everyday! In this particular day, they hit 8 stalks last Sunday. I was excited.

However, my life is not as 'beautiful' as these flowers lately. The tight schedules and heavy loads had pulled me down. And with some irritating things happening around the office, I just got so fed up with my work place for once. Yuh, the 'choose love' thingy still goes on. Some people had started to 'claim their teritories', while some tries to 'deny' from responsibilities, while some 'use others' to achieve their goals. Hm.... as for me, I'm just plain useless. I think I'm suffering from the 'work place mood swing'. Ada ke mood swing cenggini?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bailing Giant Mushroom

I got to introduce this marvelous mushroom to you guys. It's the Bailing Mushroom. Giant in size, as big as my palm. From China. Packed with two mushrooms per can, priced at RM8 only.

Just open the can, discard the water and cut the mushrooms into slices.

As for my wife and I, we normally put them into our herbal soup, as soup base for our noodles.

Tadaa.... our simple lunch yesterday, the mee sua in herbal mushroom soup.

If you'd tasted abalones and liked them, yet can't afford to have them frequently, this mushroom can be the cheap substitute. Oh ya, you can slice them and cook them in thick sauce too. Go ahead, try it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

My Garden

Hm... another boring entry. Life is pretty plain these days. Here're some more photos of my garden. God's creations are just amazing.
The purple lily.

Light blue lily.

Roses are red...

Hm.. lampu pagar pun boleh jadi bahan.

Jom lah kita boring bersama-sama. hahah

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Early Morning

This morning's weather was beautiful. Slightly overcast sky allow streams of sunlight into my garden. The plants seems to be extremely beautiful under these sunlight. I took out my camera and snapped some shots.
The pegaga leaves.

The water lily.

Hm.... i think this is the edible silver ear fungus (Tremella fuciformis Berk). Cool.

Bird nest fern plantlet.

This cousin of lidah jin is flowering. I have no idea what this plant called, but the flowers looked exactly like the lidah jin's.

Aaaaahh..... i love my garden.

Note: The photos are of high resolution, feel free to download as wall paper.