Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Asyik-asyik Makan kat Pondok

Decision on the place for lunch is a headache routine everyday. I don't enjoy lunch alone. So selalu je ajak bini-bini orang gi makan. Tapi yang tak bestnyer, bila kita suggest, mesti ada yang membantah. Last-last, dia orang yang kena decide. Yang malasnyer, bila tanya dia orang nak gi maner, jawapan dia senang je, "suka hati lah, maner-maner je". Susah lah nak layan bini-bini orang ni.

We decided to menjamu selera at Pondok Piza. I think Pondok Piza had done some attractive changes since early this year. The lunch sets are attractively cheap. If you have 5 persons, just order for 4 (that's what we did). In the end, each have to pay a mere RM6.50. Cheap!

Datin ugut ngan pisau bila saya ambik gambar dia. Puan A. menjeling-jeling. Terkejut... hehehe.. Yang lain relak je. Kenyang makan.

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