Monday, November 19, 2007

Melaka Trip

Drove two hours from my place to my brother's place in Melaka. Second time visiting them after sister-in-law had gave birth to this adorable baby girl. She's not the first grandchildren in our family, but she's the first grandchildren that bears the family's sir name (maksudnye sama sirname ngan saya ler. Tak faham? Anak-anak brothers saya je yang pakai sir name sama ngan saya. Tak faham jugak? lantak lah).

Sisters, brother-in-laws and nieces came all the way from Singapore. So it was sort of like a family semi reunion. We had our lunch at a cosy nyonya restaurant. Superb nyonya food. The children loves the ice-cendol and they're NOT willing to share. Bengang yang kecik tu bila kakaknye gi cedok dia punya.

Went to the famous Jonker Walk. Lot's of little fun stuff to purchase. There were toys that you can do magic, toys and games that test your IQ and exercise your mind... seronok ler. Saya beli games-games tu... balik nanti main sorang-sorang kat bilik. hehehe.

Reached home at 11.00pm. Besok hari kena kerja pulak.. Aduuuuuuhhh.. letihhhhh.

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