Friday, November 9, 2007

Busy Day on Diwali

Though Diwali is an official holidy nationwide, no holiday for me and wife. It's the annual church ministries seminar again. A time when all the workers and leaders of our church will come together for discussions and to do plannings for the coming year. We spent the whole day doing just that.

It was held in the almost completed new building consist of a multipurpose hall, new sanctuary, and a chapel. We had a tour and later on took a group photo.

Invited a speaker from STM. Very uplifting sermon. We spent hours on discussions. Some took this opportunity to catch up on each other during lunch.

I caught my wife talking with a guy..... Mr. Wan tried to 'ngorat'.. hahaha. No lah, they're working in the same field, the syndroms of their occupation disease shows whenever they meet.

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