Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dating With Aweks

We got the chance to attend an MoU signing ceremony between our institution and many private institutions from Indonesia. It was held in a considerably new hotel in Shah Alam.

I was in playful mood, so did the aweks that I was dating with. The ceremony was supposed to be formal (and serious) but we snapped around and 'main-main ngan camera' anyway (kita budak baik-baik, tak kacau ceremony tu pun, ambik gambar lepas ceremony).

Jangan jeles tau, aweks-aweks semua suka sangat berdating ngan saya, ke mana-mana saya pergi, ada je aweks (it's plural, perasan 's' tu tak?) yang nak ikut.... (betul ke tu? mesti ada yang uueekk...hehe) Some of my colleagues read my blog. Ni gambar saya ngan bini orang (kan saya kata saya selalu keluar makan ngan bini orang)

Cik Senget was in playful mood too. Dia suka kacau saya tau... Er... ke saya yang suka kacau dia? Dengar khabar future husband dia berbadan sasa, 2x my size, kan MS?.... takutt.... :p

Gambar-gambar kat bawah ni Cik Senget yang ambikkan.

We had lunch together after that, a simple one. Actually, it's simple because we're the last few got to the buffet area, behind a bunch of youngsters. There were little food left. I was quite annoyed to see how these youngsters (undergrads) rush for the food, stuff the foods to the plate until they almost spill out, but in the end they ate only a small portion of it leaving a huge chunk wasted. Dia orang tak terpikir ke ramai lagi yg tak ambik selepas diaorang? Diaorang tak terpikir ke food wastage is an awfull habit? Diaorang tak terpikir ke? Ke diaorang memang tak pandai pikir pun? Ni je yang saya dan aweks-aweks saya dapat kutip.

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