Friday, October 31, 2008

Opinion Pleaseeee...

Ladies and gentlemen, I need your opinion. To begin with, let me intro a bit. We went for lunch at TESCO Shah Alam just now. Went to this restaurant, first time.

Who were there? My colleagues, among them are Pn Tod-tod, Pn. Lala, Pn Nini, Ms ReenReen, Ms Lialia, and of course, me.

We looked at the menu, ordered and waited for the food. The food came in a few minutes. But the food was shocking... I was dumb folded. 
This condiment-less, vegie-less, papadam-less Nasi Beriani Daging.... look sooooo different from the menu, and it's priced at RM10.40. Is this expensive or reasonable? Opinion pleaseee...
Then came the drinks. Orange cordial and ice lemon tea, with full glass of ice cubes. Priced at RM2.00.
Worst, the cordial was too sweet and basically tasteless. Ms. ReenReen abandoned the drink half way.
My hot lemon tea, the tea was so thin, it seems like they brew a sachet of tea leaves into a huge barrel. Tasteless. Worst, it taste like thin tea with a few drops of lime. Blunt. So, ladies and gentlemen, will you come back to this restaurant? Opinion pleaseeeee.....
My body sign language in the above pic was clear. With the similar amount of money spent in this restaurant (right) offering only nasi beriani (really, it's NASI beriani) and some drinks, I would rather spent the similar amount in the Chicken Rice Shop (left). We had lunch at CRS yesterday, we got stewed beef noodles, BBQ chicken, rice, bean sprout, pie tee, desserts and drinks.
So, ladies and gentlemen, should I give another chance to this NASI beriani restaurant? Opinion pleaseeeee.....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Baru Josh Tau....

Setelah sekian lama Josh berkenalan dengan Yaz dalam alam cyber ni, tak tau pun Yaz ni ada fungsi-fungsi seperti di bawah.... Terkejut Josh... baru Josh tau...

Diskripsi tentang Yaz ni pun ada....
Take action and go beyond birth control with YAZ (drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol). YAZ is THE ONLY birth control proven to treat emotional and physical symptoms of PMDD (Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder) that are severe enough to impact the lives of women who choose the Pill for contraception. Plus, YAZ with drsp is also proven to help treat moderate acne*.

Kalo nak tau lebih lanjut tentang Yaz ni, sila lah layari website ni.

Dahsyat kan Yaz ni??

p/s Entry ni rekaan semata-mata, takde kaitan dengan yang pakai baju kurung ataupun yang pakai wig.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vivian my niece

My wife and I visited my brother's family during raya holiday recently. I was delighted to see my brother's daughter, Vivian, running and busy bodying around the house. The first entry about Vivian was posted in November last year.

Vivian is very generous in giving away her sweet smile. Probably that's why she's adorable. Everyone love to 'get connected' with her. She would even smile to strangers. But behold, you can't touch her nor hold her for she would cry her lung out. Her life is encircled between my brother, sister-in-law and the nanny. This explained her shyness.

At her age (one and a half years old), she's just like any other children, curios in anything. My camera caught her attention. To be able to touch and hold the camera, she would 'trade' he pride and allow me to hold her and she would sit on my lap. Cute eh?

We went to a restaurant in the evening. The food were superb and cheap! A meal for 7 adults and 2 children costed only RM120. Cheaaaaap. That's why I was smiling, for the dinner was on me.

Me and my wife had always wanted to have our own children. I guess the time hasn't come. But we do believe that our dream will be granted in God's time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simple Dinner

As weekends are always busy for me and wife, dinner got to be simple. We had this simple grilled salmon recently.

Two pieces of salmon: RM20,
Six prawns: RM5,
Vegie for the salad: Free (a friend brought it from Cameron Highland)

Lightly grills salmon, stir-friend prawn, and baby butterhead lettuce salad. I think it's healthier then this one by Danial, cause it got greens. hehehe..

p/s Danial, jangan marah ye...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Waaaaa... Hairy Crabs!!! ( 哗。。。。大閘蟹!!)

My wife got back from China last Friday.... and she brought along..... HAIRY CRAAAAABSSS!!! This crustacean is a well known delicacy for the Chinese, and it's only available during autumn season. It's quite pricey, especially after China had opens it's gate to the world.

True to it's name, the crabs were rather hairy, especially on the legs and the claws.

How to cook them? It's rather simple (and people prefer to cook them in such manner so that we can savour the original fragrant taste of the crab). Boil some water, add in some salt, a few slices of ginger and a spoon or two of wine to enhance the taste.

Wait till the water come to a boil, then put in the crab one by crab, while they're still alive. (Never, ever, never and ever consume crabs that are already dead before cooking, especially the hairy crabs and mud crabs)

The crabs will be ready in 10 minutes.

The crabs will change colour from greyish brown to orange red. Not the massively hairy claws, that's where they got their name.

Most people would prefer the females due to their aromatic and salivating roe. To differentiate the gender, just turn them upside down, and examine their dorsal pattern. The one on the left is a female, while the other two are the males.
It's recommended to serve hot. Therefore, immediately after removing from the boiling water, open up the shell and DIG IN! The roe are normally attached to the shell.

OOoooooo...... sooooo Yummmyyyyy......

p/s. Hairy crabs are available at selected local restaurants, selling at RM80 to RM200 each depending on the size and gender.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Sweat Sweat Sweat

I got so occupied that I had almost forgotten about my membership at the gym. Paying the monthly membership fee without using the facilities for the pass two months was definitely a waste of money.

I went home early yesterday and hit the gym one and a half hours before dinner.

Did 20 minutes cardio, a few rounds of weight lifting and twisting and stretching, just to get myself sweating (and tone my bulat body, hehe).

Spent another 15 minutes in the sauna to force out more sweat. This is me right after the sauna session. Josh tutup mana yang patut untuk mengelakkan perkara-perkara yang tidak diingini. hahaha.

I took my shower and drove to my mother-in-law's place to company her for dinner. Yah, it's just me and mother-in-law. Wife was away and she will be back tonight. A simple low carb low meat diet seems to be good for me.

Will hit the gym again today.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thunderous Night at William

A few bloggers decided to have a simple get together before Danial flying off to his 'homeland' again. Danial had picked William as our meeting venue.It's my second visit. As usual, i was clueless on how to get here. To avoid getting lost (and also embarrassment, hehe), I'd happily and voluntarily went to Abg Bear's place to pick him and Hairie up before we went to William. The Navigator I bought didn't recognise 'William'. Ishh...

Though ice cold drinks are not recommended to the sinusitis-prone me, the ice-blended ribena plus longan and fresh ice-blended juices were just too tempting. The big mug was not mine, it's Abg Bear's.

The food were just superb! But this one was my favourite, the seafood arabiata. (More photos of food can be found here.)

It was drizzling when we arrived. And the drizzle turned into heavy rain right after we'd ordered our food and drinks. Then came the thunder! But then, the heavy rain and the thunders was just 'kacang' as compared to the 'thunders' that we'd created. Of course, the major 'thunders' was from Abg Bear. Lot's of interesting stories were told, lots of hilarious experiences were shared, and lots of jaw dropping secrets were told! That was FUN!

And here were the people:
Hairie, Abg Bear,

Budlee, WahazaExtra,

Danial and me (not in pic)

The heavy down pour and the thunder had not affected our jovial mood a bit. We spent a good two hours there before we headed home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Send Danial Off

Danial flew off to UK on Monday night. He called me last minute to send him off to KLIA. Lucky for him that I came home early that day.

As we were about to head to KLIA, he suddenly missed his Honey Larling, so he gave her a call. Since Honey was free and bored at home, she was more then happy to tag along.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is currently celebrating it's 10 year anniversary. One would notice the extravagant decor once entering the airport. We got interested with this illuminating logo and took some pics.
Here's Danial.

And me.

They got some real size cut-out and a castle-like stage. I didn't want to pose this but 'they' forced me to do so... (ye ke?)

Since we were early, we went for a drink after Danial had checked in his luggage. We got bored and 'someone' suddenly figured out a way to kill time -- took some pictures of faces and put them in the blog.

Danial malu dengan kelakuan kawan-kawan dia tu, sehinggakan dia tutup mata tak sanggup nak tengok. (ke intai dari celah-celah jari?)

Danial's flight was at 2.00am, but both Honey and I got to work the next day and couldn't accompany him till that late. We left KLIA at 11.40pm.

Sayonara my friend. Please take good care of yourself in 'your home land'.

p/s. Danial dan Honey siap bagi beribu-ribu juta flying kiss lagi sebelum kita berpisah....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Two Surprises in a Morning

I got two surprises on yesterday morning.

Puan Tod-tod and her hubby had breakfast with me at a restaurant not far away from our office at around 8.40am.

Just as we're about to leave, a very familiar figure got into my vision.
OOoooo Goooshh... it's our boss! I acted cool. Waved at him and invited him to join us. Hm... nak kata kantoi berbreakfast masa office hour tak jugak, sebab boss pun buat yang sama. hehehehe... Our boss is a very friendly and approachable guy.
The surprise was, he always had his breakfast at home, and we'd never met him in any restaurant during breakfast. So this was an interesting experience.

Tunggu sampai boss habis makan baru kita balik office sama-sama. Baguskan staff dia temankan dia makan?? hehehe

Right before I start my lecture, a got a call. There was this very sweet voice on the other end asking for Josh.
"Hi, this is Pinky.. hehe .."

Fuyooooo...... It's Pinky calling all the way from New Zealand!!

Now I can link the sweet face to a sweet voice!!! No wonder Dr. Chen-chen fall in love with this pretty Pinky! She sent me an SMS later.

Waa... two surprises in a morning.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A Busy Saturday

Last Saturday was really busy. The back-to-back schedule was a mental and physical exertion, almost causing fatigue the next day. Hmm.... age is really catching up.

Here was my schedule:

8.00am Me & my wife accompanied mother-in-law to the market for the weekly 'shopping'.

9.40am Had breakfast with mother-in-law.

10.30am Send my car for service.

11.30am Rushed to a shopping complex nearby to purchase a few items that my wife required for her trip to China the next day.

12.30pm Helped Danial to send his car for minor repair.

1. 30pm Rushed to wife's office to have lunch with her.

2.30pm Drove all the way to Seremban to attend our church pastor's graduation at the Seminary of Theology Malaysia. He'd been conveyed Master of Divinity. Congratulations Pastor Desmond!

6.20pm Drove from Seremban to Kajang to pick up my wife before joining a friend for dinner at the Terrace Cafe, IOI Marriott.

7.30pm Arrived at the restaurant. Had our dinner, had good chat and updates with our friend. Our friends story on her life for the pass two years was so amazingly interesting (and unbelievable) that we forgot how good the food was, until we saw the pics of the food we had....

The dinner was on our friend. Thanks Miss Nica.

10.30pm Reached home. Started packing for my wife's trip the next day.

12.30am Hit the bed.