Monday, December 29, 2008

No Crap, it's Crab Dinner

No open house, no party, nor huge gathering for this year's Christmas celebration. Not even any Christmas decor for our home this year. We'd been too busy with our church's activities.

For the Christmas dinner, a few of our good friends and both of us had dinner together at a chinese restaurant at Cheras. This restaurant is famous for their crab dishes, and they're cheap!

We had kam hiong crab (spicy crab with dried shrimps, dried chili and curry leaves), our all time favourite.

The Marmite crab. Yes, the yeast extract thick sauce. Super Yummy!

And the sweet and sour crab, suitable for those who don't take hot and spicy food, especially children.

To go with the crabs, we ordered beancurd crab meat soup, sambal stir-fried ladies finger and brinjals, stir friend baby french beans and gu-lou-yuk (sweet and sour meat)

The gathering dinner was simple, but the company we got and the food we had were simply the best!

The crab costed us RM28 per kilogram, and that's CHEAP!

Yuh, no crap, it's crab dinner!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Busy Christmas

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my blog readers. And thousand thanks to those who'd sent their wishes via blog, YM or sms; Abg Bear, Shah, Wahaza, Danial, Hairie, Kamar, Afendi aka Ady, Kak Ja, Nazz, Sham, Puan A, Datin Noni, Badli Shah, Yaso, AJ, Morshee and many others. Million thanks to all of you!

My Christmas celebration was busy. On Christmas eve, we had Silent Night Fellowship and gift exchange.

The Christmas Thanksgiving was on the next day. The whole congregation of 700++ packed into the church to worship and celebrate Christmas. Sorry, no photo taken as I was the Liturgist (MC) for the service.

Right after the Thanksgiving Service, the congregations adjourned to a restaurant near by for the Christmas Luncheon. The lunch was enjoyable, and we got the chance to have lunch with brothers and sisters of the church.

After a short nap in the afternoon, we went over to our close friend Mr. & Mrs Wan's place for a simple Christmas tea party.

Right after the tea party was a yummilicious dinner together with some close friends at a restaurant in Cheras. Tunggu next entry yee...

My Christmas was a blast.

And my warmest wishes to all my readers. Happy and Blessed Christmas, PEACE BE WITH YOU!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Winter Solstice Festival (冬至 ~ Dong Zhi)

Last Sunday (21st Dec 2008) was the Winter Solstice Festival for the chinese. It's the last festival of the lunar calender before Chinese worldwide celebrate Chinese New Year in the spring season.
There're many legends and stories behind the celebration of the festival, but in today's context, it has been narrowed down to family reunion, and to celebrate the end of a year. This is the time when the Chinese would tell their children "You're a year older now", after successfully went through one whole year.

The celebration is uniquely marked with the making of small glutinous flour balls and boiled them in sugar syrup.

We went to my mother-in-law's place last Sunday and the whole family got involved in the flour balls making. It's kinda fun and family members can get together to do this simple thing. The balls are usually in plain (White) or Pink colour. But we added pandan into the white ones and they became green. I'm not sure if this was the first time for my nieces though.. erm...

The balls were then put into the boiling sugar syrup. The taste of the syrup was enhanced with pandan leaves and slices of ginger.

They were usually served in small bowls, as one can't really finish up big portion. Yummyyyy...
So, my friends, "YOU ARE ONE YEAR OLDER NOW".

Monday, December 22, 2008

In Full Swing Mode

I got to explain my in-frequent update of this blog recently.

Christmas is just around the corner and a series of events were in the line-up for our church's Christmas celebration this year. Being the chairperson of the organizing committee, I got to set my priorities and put myself into full-swing mode.

The committee was formed a few months ago, and many meetings and discussions took place since then.

As Christmas approaches, there were intensive practices and a few rehearsals.

Caroling at various venues lights up the Christmas mood.

There're five events in this year's celebration:

19 & 21 Dec -- Caroling DONE
20 Dec -- Christmas celebration nite - Peace be with you. DONE (with a BLAST!)
24 Dec -- Silent Night (fellowship and gift exchange)
25 Dec -- Christmas thanksgiving service
25 Dec -- Christmas luncheon involving 45 tables.

Two done, three to go. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aiman Tak Kisah

Tempat: Pak Li Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
Masa: 8.40am
Watak: Ah Josh, Puan Tod-tod, Puan Lala dan Aiman

Selepas breakfast, burung kakak tua Puan Tod teringin nak makan kek. Pak Li kopitiam kini menawarkan beberapa jenis kek, so kita pun pergi kaunter kek tu.

Tiba-tiba si Aiman comel anak Puan Lala tersipu-sipu malu mendekati kita.

Ah Josh, "Aiman nak makan kek tak?"

Budak comel tu angguk malu-malu.

"O, nak makan kek. Tunjuk kat uncle Aiman nak makan kek apa." Tanya Ah Josh sambil pimpin Aiman ke depan kaunter.

Dengan malu-malunyer Aiman tunjuk Kek Coklat. Mak Aiman pun datang, cepat-cepat Aiman sorok di bawah ketiak mak dia, sambil peluk-peluk punggung mak dia.. (aiyooooo....)..

"Letak dalam kotak je lah, nanti kalo tak habis boleh dia bawa pergi school dia", pesan Mak Aiman, Puan Lala.

Bapa Aiman pandang dari jauh, senyum-senyum.

Puan Tod-tod tak nak mengalah, terus dia tunjuk nak ni nak akhirnyer Ah Josh beli tiga ketul kek, coklat, marble cis dan moist choc. Satu untuk anak orang, satu untuk bini orang, satu makan sendiri. Aiyoooooo............

Uncle beli kek untuk Aiman, Aiman tak kisah.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Adakah Patut??

We went to Restoran Sup Ani Utara for lunch recently. The restaurant was quite packed and we had no choice but to sit beside this table of abang-abang, including an abang polis beruniform.

I was fine with them talking loudly or laugh like no other's business. But a policeman in full uniform puffing away his cigarette with choking smoke in a supposedly no smoking zone, it just get into my nerve.

Can we smoke in a restaurant full with patrons? Even if it's allowed by law, still, should we smoke if the restaurant is crowded? Are these smokers being considerate? It's not my business if they chose to destroy their own lung for the enjoyment sake, but I DON'T want the SECOND HAND smoke!

Polis beruniform penuh, merokok dalam restoran yang penuh sesak. Adakah patut??

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ma and Pa, Happy Birthday!

One of the reasons of me and my wife went back to Kuching last week was to celebrate mum and dad's birthday. Mum and dad's birthday is only 10 days apart, so we celebrate their birthday together every year.

It's mum's 70th and dad's 78th birthday. I praise God for His blessings on my parents. Both my parents are still very healthy, and had just came back from a holiday trip to Hainan Island, China. I can still remember vividly how dad had worked until midnight everyday while we were small, just to earn enough money to feed us 7 siblings (He earned RM150 per month by then). While mum had to take care 2 hectares of pepper field to get extra income for the family. Now that 6 of their 7 children are degree holder, while 1 obtained technical certificate, my parents are contented.

We had pre-celebration in the morning. Cake cutting, mesmerizing good old time, sipping coffee or tea...

Then invited a few relatives and friends to a dinner at a restaurant. Dad like 'meriah' environmnent. His grandchildren (my nieces) sang him and mum two songs, dad was grinning ear to ear.

I love you Ma, I love you Pa. Happy Birthday and may God keep you both well and healthy.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Makan Satay With Old Friend

I'd known Hairie for 6 years. He messaged me recently to wish me Happy Birthday, and i thought it might be nice to meet up with him. We had not been meeting each other for quite some time.

We met, at Kajang Satay.

Sure felt good catching up with old friend. Glad to know that Hairie is enjoying his life.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy 4th Anniversary

We pronounced our wedding vows on 11th December four years ago. It's our 4th wedding anniversary today.

Precious, you'd made my life a full circle. It has been 4 wonderful years, and looking forward to have many, many great years ahead.

Happy Anniversary, precious.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fruits Frenzy~!

Built on a piece of 1.5 hectare's land, my mum & dad's place in Kuching is spacious enough for anything. My dad made full use of the land with varieties of local fruit trees planted. Hence, fruits plucking is one of our favourite activities when we're back home.

By God's grace, my dad is still very healthy at the age of 78 years old. He does not look like one, and I'm pretty sure that I got this particular gene. Grass mowing, ladder climbing, carpentry and others are his normal activities.
My niece from Singapore was excited seeing the mata kucing (longan), and was more then happy to help.
My 2nd eldest sis, helped my dad to pick up the rambutans.
While some (3rd sis and other nieces) plucked other fruits.
Another niece from Singapore, love citruses.
Papaya tree with lots of fruits, a rare sight for my Singaporean nieces.
Hehehe... I love this fruit, the kedondong. Enak makan begitu sahaja, or serve with sambal kicap... Oooooooo.......
More mata kucing. The fruits were wrapped with newspaper to prevent them from being eaten by bats. 
And the result? A table full of vast variety of fruits. There were also starfruit, cocoa, pumello and cempedak.

What's next? Makan lerrr!!!