Monday, August 16, 2010

Justin and Compact Camera

Since papa love photography, baby Justin might got interested too. So papa decided to put baby Justin into a simple test by giving him a compact camera. 

Oh well, Justin seems to get more interested with the camera instead. His instinct tells him to put it into his mouth and taste it. Maybe it's too early. Shall test him again when he turned one. Hehehe....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kasih Sayang

I'd heard about this resort many times, and had seen the magnificent view of this place from Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu's blog. Didn't expect to set foot on this place during my visit to KK last week. To my delight, Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu decided to bring me there :-D
We were lucky, Mount Kinabalu was clearly visible from the entrance of the resort. Yeaayyy!

As expected, the view from the resort was breathtaking. The resort itself had so many thing to offer. Comfortable dining area with great view, cozy rooms to spend a night or two, spa facilities and sauna were also provided. Wow.

There's only one thought in my mind after I'd checked out all their facilities: A nice place for honeymoon!
Since it's late evening, we had our dinner there. It's necessary to highlight here that the meal portion is HUGE and sufficient to feed two stomach for a single order. 

The sunset was beautiful and hypnotizing. The lights illuminate Kota Kinabalu city beautifully. Another WOW...

This resort is definite a good choice for relaxation and romantic stuff :-D

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fascinating Kota Kinabalu

I went to Kota Kinabalu (KK) last year and spent three days there. Since KK got so much to offer, three days was not enough. This year, I extended it to four days. I stayed in Tang Dynasty Hotel for the first two days, working on day time, and stroll along KK waterfront at night (Awesome!) and two days at my dear friends Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu's place.

I spent two hours at the Water Front on the first evening and found it fascinating, and went there again on the next evening.

The view from the Water Front was breathtaking, and very relaxing. I could sit there for hours, meditating while breath in the ocean air. Observing the locals was fun. Naive children picking up 'treasures' on the beach. Cheerful boy sitting at the tip end of the boat while the father maneuver the boat.  A stocky father embracing his sweet daughter while she touches her father's face. We just can't find those moments if we walk by hurriedly.
Strolling in the wet market behind the Philippine Market had made me realised that there're tons of new things yet to be registered in my mind. The seafood was excitingly cheap here. 
"Dua ringgit! Dua ringgit! Dua ringgit!" the sellers chanted, informing the buyers that the fishes were only two ringgit per kilogram. Gossh.... if only they can offer such price in KL. 

The fishes were all very fresh. The they were still in their vibrant colours. We can't get those in KL. 
O, wait, this was something new to me. The spanner crab as the locals called them, were like the alien found in the movie. I was told their flesh's texture and taste were somewhat between that of the prawn and crab. But beware, the price could burst the veins of your heart. 
Barbecued or grilled seafood were plentiful. Be reminded to ask for the price before you take them. Barbecued chicken wings were tasty! I had four as appetizer before I went for my sumptuous dinner :-P
Goshhh!!! They got wild durians!! The flesh were vibrant red or striking orange. I used to have them when i was very, very, very young. Hard to find them now a days. The red flesh one tasted bitter, while the orange one tasted rather sweet. Both with pungent smell.

Best of all, i met my long-time-ago's lab mate Miss Evenni. We last met in 1996. We had dinner at one of the famous tourist-infested restaurant while mesmerizing the good old days when we were, errr, young :-P
Yah, KK is fascinating. 

Coming up, exciting activities at the outskirts of KK and nearby. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Angry Again >:-(

After the short trip to KB, i flew across the South China Sea to my next destination, Kota Kinabalu.

I strolled along the KK waterfront one evening, and was excited to find a local night market bursting with activities. Lots of interesting stuff on display. My excitement dampened when i saw these shells on display for sale.

To my relieve, there're only two stalls selling these shells. It's the appetite of human for destruction that hurts me deeply. Removing these shells from their natural habitat means that other creatures heavily depend on these shells will be unable to survive. This will disturb the ecosystem in the long run. As more people harvest these shells to meet the appetite of those buying these as their home decor, the destruction to the ecosystem continues.

Even small broken shells from the beach should not be removed from their natural habitat as they're a part of the ecosystem that enable the habitat to remain stable and sustainable.

Yes, i was angry seeing these shells for sale. Thought it's beautiful and may look good in my living room, I detest those proudly display them in their home without the sense of guilt (hehehe... a bit over).

So, stop buying these shell, and stop collecting shells from the beach. That's the least you can do to save our earth. Are you with me?

Update: I was told that there're plenty of such stalls in Gaya Street & Philippine market. Aiyooooo............

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Angry >:(

My trip to Kota Bahru last weekend was fun, until I saw these when I strolled inside Pasar Siti Khadijah to buy some souvenirs.

It just got into my nerve to see this people happily selling of the eggs of near-extinct turtles. Reports by our locally known expert Prof. Chan can be found here "Extinction Threat" The WWF Malaysia also reported such threat here "Turtles" My observation shows that there were as many as 6 stalls selling turtle eggs, each with a basin full, or two. Gosshhh.....

I can tolerate many things, but this was just too much for me to bear. As a conservationist and a nature lover, I want my son Justin to enjoy the nature as much as I do now. Unfortunately, with such inhumane practice, and the disgusting appetite of those who want to purchase and consume these eggs, I'm afraid baby Justin will not be able to enjoy such pleasure when he grow up.

Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!! YES, I AM STILL ANGRY!