Saturday, November 10, 2007

Gardening At Home

This is one of my routine on Saturday. To have a beautiful garden, one will have to spend some time (and also energy and $$) on it. We had our breakfast in the garden. A rarity to some, especially in Malaysia where the climate is hot and humid. A huge tree blocked the sunlight, while the greens in the garden cooled down the environment.

I transferred a few plants to bigger pots. Did some prunings and trimmings, while my wife did weeding. We enjoyed the gardening so much that we didn't realise that we'd spent more then 3 hours on it, until a suddenly downpour chased us into our house at 1.30pm.

We found this just outside our house. Aiyo, ada pistol! A plastic one of course. Some kids like to play around our house. Maybe they'd dropped it there.

Did some paperwork in the afternoon. A birthday dinner to attend in the evening.

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