Monday, December 28, 2009

Lullaby to Justin

I sang 'Silent Night' to Justin on the night of Christmas Eve. I had to sing for almost 30 minutes to help him gain the sleepy mood.

It's not easy to be parents. Lots of sacrifices needed. Sleepless nights are common. Changing yuckifying daipers are routine. But my wife and I are enjoying every single second of it! :-D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Justin's Full Moon

Time flies. Justin is one month old already. To the Chinese, it's customary for the parents to held a full moon get together for relatives and friends. Or at least give away some goodies (red eggs, traditional chinese kueh, cakes or roasted chicken) to relatives and friends.

I was advised to cut Justin's hair (a bit) just as many other daddy do during full moon. It was kinda difficult so we waited until he's fast asleep.

We didn't have the time to send the goodies from house to house, so we had organised a Full Moon Thanksgiving on 20th December at church instead.

We were overwhelmed with joy when more then 180 guests turned up that night. Indeed there were so many things worth thanksgiving. God is gracious and kind.

Justin was quietly sleeping in mummy's arms throughout the service. It was his first 'out door' trip.

A simple dinner was served after the service. We were truly thankful for our friends, relatives and church members' supports.

Mum flew in from Kuching just for the occasion. And mum was in great joy to see her grandson. And baby Justin slept soundly after the service as mum sang him lullaby.

Over the pass month, relatives and friends came over for a visit and had a glimpse of Justin. Each visit had added up the gifts that had occupied much of our small house's space. Thanks for the gifts my friends.

Hmm.... what am i gonna do with those gifts??

Monday, December 7, 2009

Justin Sunbathing, Naked

Baby Justin was jaundiced on the forth day of his birth. Jaundice is a common yellow discolouration among newborn, due to the newborn liver's inability to break down bilirubin fast enough. More info about jaundice for newborn can be found here.

Some simple treatments can be done by parents. Among the treatments are encouraging the baby to drink more (so that the bilirubin level in the body can be reduced via urination) or sunbath them. So, we stripped him naked, put on my chest, and let him enjoy the morning (8~10am) sunbath beside the window for roughly about 10 minutes. :-D

The fact is, Justin's prolonged jaundice worries us. But after thorough readings, only to find that breastfed babies tend to take longer time to subside. However, as a precaution, we took him to the pediatrician for some check up (including blood test). We prayed to God, hopefully nothing serious.

Other then jaundice, Justin is growing healthily. Older generation strongly recommends that we should protect Justin's hand with glove. But after reading some informative articles, experts were actually recommending not to wear them too frequent to allow the baby's hand to develop the sense of touch faster. Indeed, it works. Justin learnt how to grab within a week. He'd even tried to explore with his hands by touching, grabbing or even swinging actively. That brought smiles to our face. :-D

Our life had changed. Everything is about our son Justin for now. May God give us strength and wisdom to bring him up to become a healthy and fine gentleman.