Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Accident Yang Tak Ngeri

There was an accident just outside my room. Funny, I didn't heard anything when it happened. I got to know this when a colleague came into my room and told me about the incident. Mungkin saya kusyuk ngan kerja kot.

A motorbike (believed to be in high speed) crashed into a parked car. It's in the campus for God sake! The impact was so great that the rear of the car skidded a few feet. The bumper was detached and was dragged a few meters away. The motorbike was in bad condition. By the time I reached the site, the rider (or riders, I don't know) was already on his way to the hospital. What on earth was this guy had in his mind when he ride the bike to such dangerous speed in a crowded compound?

This was the second incident. The first one happened a year ago, causing a final year student loose her leg. A car loose control and ran the side walk where this student was sitting.

These things really make me angry.

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