Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life Begins at Forty?

Originally, the phrase 'Life Begins at Forty' gave meaning far different from what we comprehend now a days. Well, at least according to this website.

I turned 40 last November, and indeed, tremendous change happened in my life. I began to look at life differently. And just about a week ago, I look at things differently. Via a pair of glasses, that is :-D
But frankly, I was uncomfortable with them and had tried hard to get used to the 'through the glasses' vision. Like it or not, I need them. I find it hard to read nowadays. In my profession, I just can't run away from reading. I read tons of books, articles, journals, and of course, National Geographic Magazine. Reading was a pleasure until recently, when i eye sight begin to deteriorate. A single visit to the optometrist had resulted in getting this pair of glasses.  

At least I still look good, even with the glasses. Kan? :-P
I love the humour of Kak Ja when she wrote this in my Facebook status:

bulong kakak tua
hinggap di jendela
ah josh sdh tua
matanya tambah dua..

I got to admit, I'm getting old. But, life begins at forty? I guess it's true. Great things happened when i reached 40. And being able to spend quality time with baby Justin and family at this age is really a blessing too. 

Yah, life begins at forty. How many of you had joined this 'club' of forty? :-D