Sunday, November 11, 2007

Three Beautiful (And Adorable) Ladies

Attended a birthday party yesterday evening. The parents threw a party for their one-year-old son. The first son, and also the first grandson in the family. Awesome food were served, catered at RM20 per pack. Met our three nieces at the dinner, invited them to our place after that. Their mum joined in later on.

This is the favourite spot for the eldest. She was already on it when I entered my house (that's 5 seconds after her).

Her physical appearance deceived her age. She shows maturity in mind and conversation. If you think she's beautiful and would like to have her as your girlfriend, forget it, she's under-age (and her parents will kick your butt off). Miss A is only 12.

This is Miss H. The middle one, second in the family. Witty and playful. She likes to do funny things. Many would agree with me that she's very creative and gifted in imagination. A kind hearted girl and very loving to her sisters.

The youngest in the family, Miss R (should I address her as Miss at this age?). She's very adorable. Showing the ability to be independent in her early age. Playful and sometimes 'bossy' (her parents said that, not me). No, not because she's the youngest in the family, as I'm one too but I'm not bossy (erm.... right everybody??).

And now, the funny photos, as requested by Miss A (right? right?) I love this. Hee Hee....

My nieces are just adorable. Love them.

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