Sunday, November 4, 2007

Convocation on Sunday Morning

I don't really like to attend convocation. But being in my profesion, it's unavoidable. I attended the convocation in the main campus, 2 hours drive from my home. Started the journey at 5.40am. Reach on time to have a light breakfast (prepared by the organiser) before the ceremony starts.

Though the convocation ceremony can be a three hours dry and boring thingy, you got to see the 'fruits' of your three years labour in the end. I'm happy to know that none of my students are jobless, eventhough they'd just left for three months. Most of them continued their study at some other institutions at Master level. Scientists in the making. I don't know about the rest, but I'm proud of my students. (Bila dah berjaya tu, jangan lupa pakcik hensem ni ye..)

Took a photo with this strong-willed lady. A mother figure with lots of experience. Puan F is the one I would look up to whenever I have difficulties or problems.

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