Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Bintulu Trip - Kerja, Jalan-jalan, Balik

My stay at Bintulu was short, a mere 24 hours to be exact. Reached Bintulu on Monday evening, 4.30pm, and left at 4.10pm the next day. Basically, little time to explore the place. But lucky enough, my friend's aunt stay in Bintulu. She brought me out for dinner on the first night.

The next day was rather packed. I started off with my official work/visit at Jabatan Pertanian Bintulu in the morning till noon.

Rushed back to the hotel by noon, got myself checked out by 12.40pm. Then off to the 'jalan-jalan' agenda. My friend's aunt was not free so she recommended a taxi. First stop, a paddy shop. A special request and also recommendation by my friend. This shop was rather interesting, selling only organic mountain rice. There were more than 15 selections with price ranging from RM5 to RM8 per kg. From glutinous rice to fragrant rice, white, brown, unpolished, red... u name it. I bought a kg each of fragrant rice, highland rice and red (brown) rice. VERY FRAGRANT!

Then had a bowl of Sarawak laksa, bought some Foo-chow bun (Kong-piang as the foo-chow called) and mee-sua (thin hand made noodle distinctive to the foo-chows) before heading to Tanjung Batu Beach. No crystal clear water but quite scenic.

Then off to the BDA (Bintulu Development Authority) building, a very distinctive cone shape building on top of a hill.

Then the uncle taxi took me to this indoor stadium. Fully air-cond one woo, the uncle taxi said proudly.

The uncle had also brought me to a few churches (they're so huge!) and interesting building around Bintulu.

All in all, the 'jalan-jalan' had only taken me one and a half hours. Bintulu is a small town alright. here's the aerial view of the Bintulu town situated by the estuary.

The weather was beautiful and I got the chance to snap a few breath taking photos of the aircraft wing and the sky.

Since it was a long 2 hours flight, I make use of the time to do some paperwork.

Reached home at 7pm on Tuesday.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bintulu Trip - Parkcity Everly Hotel

I had an official trip to Bintulu yesterday. Stayed a night at Parkcity Everly Hotel and am back at home now. Though I'm a Sarawakian, it's my first time in Bintulu. The hotel that I stayed in worth some promotion. I'm satisfied with their service.

I stayed at their executive level (10th floor). The room was very clean, with good window view. The bed was comfortable. I got two beds to my expense, hehehe.

I like the bathroom decor. Even the packaging of the toiletries look classy.

The washroom came with artwork on the wall. The toilet bowl was comfy.

The view from the window was nice. It's by the beach, and there was a public garden next to the hotel.

Oh, by the way, I think it's a four-star (or five-star??) hotel. The swimming pool was huge, clean with beautiful surrounding.

Other facilities include fitness centre, sauna, beauty salun, and free WiFi. The staff were very friendly, and I gave them 9/10 for their service.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Memorable Riverview

I'd always wanted to tryout the Riverview Restaurant at Kuala Selangor ever since Abg Yazeed and Dr. Shah blogged about it months ago. Finally the day arrived. Inah messaged me a week before about the trip. I got excited. Then Abg Yazeed confirmed the trip a few days later. We went there last Sunday.

The bears' house was the meeting point before we start our one and a half hours journey at 5pm. I was excited to see Lily, Ziana and the don't-show-face MNN! Hm.. sebenarnyer MNN tu sebijik macam Abg Bear, kembar ke? Inah and Aley were there too.

The restaurant was situated by the river. Sempat amik gambar ni sebelum makan.

The restaurant was packed. It shows how good the food were.

Here's our menu. The mantis prawn stir fried with dried chili.

The young french beans stir fried with ikan bilis.

The yong-tau-foo soup.

The spicy bamboo shellfish.

The all time favourite butter prawn.

The black pepper crab.

And the yummilicious of all, the lime and chili steam siakap. (my favourite)

The dinner was fun. The food was finger licking good, and the people were adorable!

This was a memorable dinner for me, due to the reason below:

1. First time meeting Lily, Ziana and MNN. There're so sporting and adorable. Can't remember a single second without laughter.

2. First time having dinner at this Riverview restaurant. The food were A class.
3. First time having severe sinusitis right in the middle of a yummy dinner, thanks to a glass of icy sour plum lime. (I should'nt have taken the icy drink). I vomited twice during the dinner (no one notice, hehe). The headache was terrible.
4. Inah drive me home (using my car) for the first time.
5. Tested my navigator outside Klang valley for the first time. Very accurate and reliable.

All in all, indeed this was a memorable dinner.

1. Am blogging from my hotel room at ParkCity Everly hotel, Bintulu. The hotel is fully WiFi, FOC some more.
2. I'm 90% recovered from yesterday's sinusitis.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

MarryBrown Privilege Card ( Jangan Jeles)

Yup. The akak Manager Puan Y gave me four MB Privilege Cards. I'll be entitled to have 10% discount every time I dine in at this Shah Alam branch, only. The card was actually for students, but akak Manager was kind enough to offer me four, since I'm her regular customer. Terima kasih Kak Y!

Of course, I gave away the cards to those who had lunch with me yesterday. That's Puan Senget, Miss Moshee, and Kak N.

Kak N tried the black-pepper chicken, very nice. It's my first time as I used to order the mushroom sauce. Must try!

And this is their current promotion, the Curry Mee. RM6.99 per bowl.

Me and Kak N. She's still shy-shy cat.

The Curry Mee (noodles in curry gravy) was spicy, but i think more coconut milk will enhance the taste.

This was Miss Moshee's fish fillet set, with generous portion of fries.

And Puan Senget was having plain fried chicken. Slow sangat dia makan, main cubit sikit makan sikit. Control ayu kot. I had half a piece of her chicken, terliur tengok dia makan.

Ladies and gentlemen, the promotion at Marrybrown is on (Shah Alam branch only). If you're a student, u can get the privilege card simply by filling in a simple form. Otherwise, just show your student card and you'll get an instant 10% discount with a single purchase of RM15 and above.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What happen when u got bored in a seminar?

I got to attend this QA seminar this morning. Had attended similar ones many times but since they made it compulsory for everyone, I got to show my face somehow.

Oh ya, I got to realise that I was the only Chinese in the hall, and best thing was, the speaker thought that the audience were all Malay. hehehe... I got a 'truely Malaysian' look.

I got bored after awhile. The speaker had been repeating the same thing, at a very slow pace. I saw Cik Moshee drawing some flowers and fish bones on her notebook. Apparently, she's bored too. That gave me an idea on how to kill time. I drew a man, sitting on a bench alone.

"Lukisan ni belum lengkap lah, dia tengok apa tu?" Moshee asked.
"Jap, nak lukis nih..." I answered, continue to scribble... I drew a lady with an umbrella...

"Nah, laki nih tengah tengok awek cantik..." I smiled.
"Cis!" hm... that's Moshee's reaction...
"Belum, belum.... jap... ada lagi..." I continued scribbling again....


"Sebenarnyer laki tu bukan tengok awek tu lah, dia tengah tengok anjing tu kencing kat tiang, kih kih kih......"

Moshee...."KURANG ASAM!"

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Miss A's 14th Birthday

We'd just came back from our niece Miss A a.k.a. Miss Banana's 14th birthday celebration. It's at Pondok Piza, her parents' choice (according to Miss A). It's a simple family dinner and there's nothing much to hoo-ha about.

Miss A turned 14 this year. Her look can really disguise her age. As the chinese saying, she's like a heron standing among chickens if she were to take photos with her classmates, especially the boys. Hm.... she'd been complaining that her boy classmates as immature. Yup, she's a grown up now. Wait until you guys read her blog, if she allows.

As for the dinner, mother-in-law prefers KFC, rather than the 'stinking' cheesy roti as she put it.

The Pondok Piza was kind enough to serve us a 'ice-cream pastry' as the birthday cake for the birthday girl. Of course, a birthday party can't goes without the birthday song. We sang, and she cut the cake.

The 'cake' looks good but I was to full to even have a bite. The children have the share.

Miss A's birthday present will be given a later, as we did not have enough time to wrap the present. Happy Birthday Miss Banana, and my God bless you abundantly!

(Overdue) Tag

I was tagged by Putera Rizal on this one-word game (ye ke one word??), long-long time ago (a couple of weeks back). Only until now that I can find time doing this. Here goes:

1. Where is your cell phone? Table
2. Your significant other? Kajang
3. Your hair? Black
4. Your mother? Kian
5. Your father? Pin
6. Your favorite thing? My iBook
7. Your dream last night? blank(my world was spinning, remember?)
8. Your favorite drink? Chinese Tea, kot.
9. Your dream/goal? Successful
10. The room you're in? Office
11. Your hobby? Photography(and swimming too)
12. Your fear? friendless
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? My dream house(oversea)
14. What you're not? Tall(Tall, dark and handsome to be exact)
15. Muffins? Yummy
16. One of your wish list items? MacBook air(hoping for an iPhone actually)
17. Where you grew up? Kuching
18. The last thing you did? Printing documents (Erm... masuk toilet tadi)
19. What are you wearing? decent wear
20. Favorite Gadget? None(I'm hopeless about gadget)
21. Your pets? None(love dogs though)
22. Your computer? iBook(need to upgrade soon)
23. Your mood? Joyful
24. Missing someone? Yup(Qing wen *** *** zai ma?)
25. Your car? Nissan
26. Something you're not wearing? glasses (lipstick, earrings, denture, bra, panties, many more..)
27. Favorite store? Tesco?
28. Like someone? Plenty
29. Your favorite color? Green
30. When is the last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Can't remember


Monday, July 21, 2008

Balance Disorder

I'd suffered from balance disorder since Sunday. The whole world seems to spin once I lie down. Looking at the computer screen for around 5 minutes was enough to make me giddy and puke. My doctor suspected that it's related to my recent sinusitis, where the middle ear got inflammation.

My situation worsen this morning, to the extend that I can't stand upright for long, and unable to drive to work. On medication and MC today.

To tell u all the truth, I'm terrified with this experience. It's my first time and it's certainly uncomfortable. I felt sucks.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dating Dengan Puan Senget

Setelah sekian lama Puan Senget menghilangkan diri dari blog Josh ni, kini dia telah kembali, tetap dengan gayanyer yang senget. Puan Senget yang baru je kawin bulan Disember tahun lepas dah berjaya dibuyungkan oleh M.S.. Tahniah!

Citernyer begini. Hari tu Josh blog pasal minum petang ngan Kak Lin, Kimie dan Ja-cha-cha kat Kedai Kopi tepi tasik Shah Alam tu. Orang lain sibuk baca isi entry, tapi Pn Senget nih terus tengok gambar makanan. "Waa.. sedapnyer pisang goreng tu...." terus dia mengidam nak makan. Dengan suka cita nyer kita bawak dia ke situ semalam selepas waktu kerja. Puan Nini diajak sekali. Kak Lin siap tolong suapkan Puan Senget lagi. Tengok muka Pn Senget yang 'I'm the happiest pregnant women in the world' tu.

Kak Lin menyibuk. Memandangkan Josh masih kurang sihat, Josh minum air kelapa je. Yang goreng-goreng semua x makan.

Naper Puan Senget diberikan nama 'Senget'? Ni jawapannyer (gurau je ye, jangan caya). Kalo amik gambar secara spontan, dia nampak ok (tegak) je.

Tapi bila dia tau kita nak amik gambar dia, kepala dia terus tak ok (senget). Gambar-gambar ni jadi bukti.

Tak sampai 5 saat, terus lentuk satu badan. Senget kan?

Kedai Kopi is a good place to have afternoon tea, or to catch up with each other after office hour. Though not serving the best pisang goreng (banana fritters) in town, it's certainly the best spot to have nice view of Shah Alam.

Join me next time? Anyone?