Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our 6th Anniversary

It's been six years. Six wonderful years. With all the ups and downs of a married couple, our relationship had grown stronger. And with God's blessing, He put a gem into our family, our baby Justin.

Years ago, our wedding anniversary was celebrated in style, just the two of us. Some how, baby Justin had changed our lifestyle. We're very contented with moderation nowaday. This year, our anniversary was celebrated at a cheap but yummy restaurant, the Little Penang at Alamanda, Putrajaya.

Our husband-and-wife relationship had grown to another level. We can read each other's mind by merely looking at each other's subtle body language. Cook for our partner his/her favourite dish is just another way of saying 'I love you deeply', beside the usual morning goodbye and evening goodnight kisses. Wedding anniversary is not just a-day-in-a-year celebration, it's a life time celebration since the moment we said 'I do' and pronounced as husband and wife.

Now I got two gems in my heart. My wife, a gem that God had prepared for me, to be the companion of my life, and baby Justin, a gem that God gave to us for the celebration of our love.

Happy anniversary, precious.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Period of Silence

My last entry was a month ago. I'd gone through a period of silence in this blog. The truth is, too many things happened within a month and I was completely drown in it. 

Thing has turn bad to worse in my work place. It's not about workload, it's not about piles of paperwork and upcoming international event that I got involved in. Many of us are already acclimatized to tight schedules and heavy work load.  It's the management and their unethical moves that had tarnished staff's respects toward them. Worst still, many staff had lost their desire to work there. Going to work is like dragging yourself to a place that you hate. 

Imagine this: 
You're forced to move, you were given many beautiful promises. You moved. No promises ever come true. We persevered. They don't even care.

Then they forced us to merge. No respect shown. Then forced us to move. No mover provided. No support of anything given. No humility shown. We got to get our own boxes, pack by ourself, moved the things all by ourself. Those who don't have the physical strength to carry things by themselves had hired mover, with their own pocket. Those people couldn't care less.

It has been a nightmare for many. I tried my best to stay positive, but failed. I seek refuge under God's arms but I just can't get over with myself. I prayed. I grudged and struggled through. 
I was bitter at times, and grudged over what had happened. Somehow, God gave me this advice: 'Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good' (Romans 12:21). This verse stuck in my mind and God have repeatedly telling me this over and over again. I find it difficult to do good to them. Honestly, I hated this feeling. But God had assured me, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.." (Romans 8:28)

I shall persevere. I believe God is preparing something great for me. Amen.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

See, light-light!

Justin turned 11 months old yesterday and papa brought him to i-City. I'd heard so much about the place and had seen tons of photos of this place in FB friends' photo Album. I'd never set my foot on i-City even though i used to work so near to this place.

It's used to be free entry, but we were charged RM10 per car last night. No doubt, the i-City was filled with lights. Light-bulbed artificial trees and giant cactus in various colour were on display. It may seems beautiful but we spent only 15 minutes there. Here're the reasons:

1. To my dismay, the place was over-crowded with limited space to walk. Probably it's weekend.

2. The place was entirely unfriendly to people with baby on stroller, let alone elderly people with difficulties to climb up stairs. My mum-in-law had difficulties, ended up standing on one spot while we hurriedly snapped some photos. Justin's stroller was basically not usable. No ramps or slope, instead, lots of staircases and multi-leveled path.
3. The major attraction was not even properly paved. Un-even pebbles and mud instead of leveled pathways.

4. A small air-cond room filled with white lights was given the name as 'cold-room', with entrance fee RM2. Sucks.
5. Car-park was dusty. The dust raised in smoke as the car passed by.

Nevertheless, Justin was in awe with the lights. We managed to snap some family photos, thanks to our church friends Mr. Wan and family who went together with us.

If you were to ask me if I would go again, my answer is a straight NO, unless improvements are made.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Trial Using iMovie

I'd been using Mac for years but never came into my mind to click the iMovie icon, let alone using the software to create movies of my own. Then one fine day, out of boredom (due to some work place matter, I lost my mood to work :-P) I clicked the icon. I was hooked.

It's kinda fun to create my own movie, really. Just drag the video clip into the box, click here and there, the movie is done.

Justin is growing up fast. Those were the nights when we got to wake up in the middle of the night to feed him every two hours. Now he's a big boy, playing his toys by his own. But that smile remain the same, as charming as ever.

Soon, he'll be running here and there, demanding every bit of your energy to be with him. As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “三岁定八十”, the first three years of a baby will shaped his personality for the entire life. We do always pray and hope that God will grant us more wisdom to raise him up as a gem to the society.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Justin's First Mid-autumn Festival

It's Mid-autumn Festival (a.k.a Mooncake Festival) yesterday, and Justin turn 10 months old today. For the occasion, mama bought him an electric lantern, though he doesn't even know how to appreciate it. 

We invited some close relatives and friends to our house for a dinner and enjoy the mooncake thereafter. Lanterns are compulsory in this festival. Kids love them. 
Still unable to stand up on his own, Justin was seated on his baby chair. There he was, holding his lantern, and anticipated excitedly as the rest squatted around him lighting up the lanterns and the candles. Nampak macam Tauke. hehehehehehe 

We hanged over two dozens of lanterns in our garden, and the children were excited. Justin loved the environment. 

This photo shows Justin with his favourite auntie, Auntie Helen. He grabbed the lantern firmly but never even stare at his own lantern. Hahahahaha....

It's a memorable night.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Surprises Everyday

Everyone love pleasant surprises, but nothing beat the surprises that Baby Justin gave to mama and papa. At only nine months old, he surprised mama by climbing up the staircase even before he know how to stand up straight. A week later, he started to clap hands, thanks to the educational video that he watch every now and then. And a few days later, of all the words that we taught him, he chose 'mum mum' to be his first words while we gave him his favourite biscuit.

The Raya holiday gave me chance to snap more picture of his 'daily life'. He gave me more surprises. While still struggling to walk and constantly demanding to be 'freed', he would roam around the house by himself, refuses anyone to carry him. He's constantly active. Then papa took him to the garden, and let him sit on the grass. To my surprises, he started to examine every little details of the grasses, leaves, and small creatures that came along his way. 
Justin love gardens. I think he loves greenery like his papa. Everytime when he refuses to eat at the dining table, we would take him out to the garden and he would finish up the bowl of porridge in no time, grinning. 

Today, he decided to scrawl under the dining table and chairs. I let him. Then I grabbed my camera, ready to get some shots of him crawling. Suddenly, he grabbed the grill of the window, stood up and started making sound..'oooo, oooooo..... ooooooo.....' Apparently there was a cat out side. 

Suddenly, he grabbed the grill firmly, lift his right leg, wanting to climb up the window. Ooooooo NO, no time for photo snapping. I quickly got behind him and said 'Becareful Justin'. He grinned, stepped down and hugged me. That's another surprise. His feet are not strong enough to stand up by himself just yet. 

Well, the holiday is spent entirely at home. But it's definitely a well spent one. 


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Half Naked at Icy Cold Waterfall!

Well, I reckon the title would attract some attention. hahahaha....

One activity that was so memorable to me during my last visit to Kota Kinabalu recently was the day trip to Mahua Waterfall. The fact is, I haven't been to any waterfall nor mandi-manda at streams for ages. The last time was probably twenty years ago, during my varsity days. Thanks to Dr. Shah and Abg Yazid, my sweet memories of splashing and swimming at streams was rekindled.

The journey to this waterfall from KK took us approximately one and a half hours. But the one and a half hours drive was not boring at all, as we passed by many scenic views of the mountains and valleys, like this one.
Together with our blogger friend Wahaza Extra, and Dr. Shah's friend Iskandar, the drive was filled with laughters.

One was required to hike for about 30 minutes from the entrance (RM3 was charged per person per entry) of the area to this magnificent waterfall. No, the hike was not tiring at all, as the park was filled with wonders of God's creation. Huge trees, shady path, interestingly unique ferns, serene view.... ahh.... I would love to spend hours there again if i got the chance.
The fall was approximately 20m in height, and the water was ICY COLD! It's like taking a dip in a pool of water that had just retrieved from the fridge! I would say it's around 10 degree Celcius or lower. The roar of the waterfall was hypnotizing. I love the view.

Then we took off our shirts (err.... only two of us), and I put on my sexy and tiny triangular-shaped swimming trunk before dipping into the cold water. was cold! We spent roughly 10 minutes in the pool before some starts to shiver.

The trip was memorable. Thanks to Dr. Shah's water-proof camera, we took tons of sexy photos. hahahahaha....

Monday, August 16, 2010

Justin and Compact Camera

Since papa love photography, baby Justin might got interested too. So papa decided to put baby Justin into a simple test by giving him a compact camera. 

Oh well, Justin seems to get more interested with the camera instead. His instinct tells him to put it into his mouth and taste it. Maybe it's too early. Shall test him again when he turned one. Hehehe....

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kasih Sayang

I'd heard about this resort many times, and had seen the magnificent view of this place from Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu's blog. Didn't expect to set foot on this place during my visit to KK last week. To my delight, Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu decided to bring me there :-D
We were lucky, Mount Kinabalu was clearly visible from the entrance of the resort. Yeaayyy!

As expected, the view from the resort was breathtaking. The resort itself had so many thing to offer. Comfortable dining area with great view, cozy rooms to spend a night or two, spa facilities and sauna were also provided. Wow.

There's only one thought in my mind after I'd checked out all their facilities: A nice place for honeymoon!
Since it's late evening, we had our dinner there. It's necessary to highlight here that the meal portion is HUGE and sufficient to feed two stomach for a single order. 

The sunset was beautiful and hypnotizing. The lights illuminate Kota Kinabalu city beautifully. Another WOW...

This resort is definite a good choice for relaxation and romantic stuff :-D

Monday, August 9, 2010

Fascinating Kota Kinabalu

I went to Kota Kinabalu (KK) last year and spent three days there. Since KK got so much to offer, three days was not enough. This year, I extended it to four days. I stayed in Tang Dynasty Hotel for the first two days, working on day time, and stroll along KK waterfront at night (Awesome!) and two days at my dear friends Dr. Shah and Beruang Madu's place.

I spent two hours at the Water Front on the first evening and found it fascinating, and went there again on the next evening.

The view from the Water Front was breathtaking, and very relaxing. I could sit there for hours, meditating while breath in the ocean air. Observing the locals was fun. Naive children picking up 'treasures' on the beach. Cheerful boy sitting at the tip end of the boat while the father maneuver the boat.  A stocky father embracing his sweet daughter while she touches her father's face. We just can't find those moments if we walk by hurriedly.
Strolling in the wet market behind the Philippine Market had made me realised that there're tons of new things yet to be registered in my mind. The seafood was excitingly cheap here. 
"Dua ringgit! Dua ringgit! Dua ringgit!" the sellers chanted, informing the buyers that the fishes were only two ringgit per kilogram. Gossh.... if only they can offer such price in KL. 

The fishes were all very fresh. The they were still in their vibrant colours. We can't get those in KL. 
O, wait, this was something new to me. The spanner crab as the locals called them, were like the alien found in the movie. I was told their flesh's texture and taste were somewhat between that of the prawn and crab. But beware, the price could burst the veins of your heart. 
Barbecued or grilled seafood were plentiful. Be reminded to ask for the price before you take them. Barbecued chicken wings were tasty! I had four as appetizer before I went for my sumptuous dinner :-P
Goshhh!!! They got wild durians!! The flesh were vibrant red or striking orange. I used to have them when i was very, very, very young. Hard to find them now a days. The red flesh one tasted bitter, while the orange one tasted rather sweet. Both with pungent smell.

Best of all, i met my long-time-ago's lab mate Miss Evenni. We last met in 1996. We had dinner at one of the famous tourist-infested restaurant while mesmerizing the good old days when we were, errr, young :-P
Yah, KK is fascinating. 

Coming up, exciting activities at the outskirts of KK and nearby.