Monday, July 12, 2010

Poor Blue-blue :-P

Last week was a devastating week for papa and mama. Justin fall sick for the first time. As if coughing was not severe enough, Justin was also down with severe flu and high fever.

The most heart-breaking moment came when I was about to go to work at 6.45am, and there he was, crying his lung out in mama's arm, with mucus flowing from his nostrils and interrupted with phlegmy coughs. Haiyooo..... I cried.

But with lots of prayer from friends and tender loving care from mama and Auntie Yolly (maid), he got better in a few days. The paediatrician had to prescribe him with antibiotics due to throat infection. The fever had only lasted for two days. Thank God.

Now that he's recovering (still with cough and flu), he's getting active again. We put him in his walker, and he played with his Blue-blue.

*Poor Blue-blue kena campak dua kali. :-P

Note: Thousand thanks to those who cared and prayed for Justin's speedy recovery. You know who you are.