Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

My wife felt the labour pain on 22nd Nov night. We thought it's just a normal contraction. We went to the gynae to do simple check. The gynae adviced my wife to be warded for observation. Since the due date is still another three weeks to go, we didn't even suspect anything and 'checked in' together. We stayed in a suite with a patient bed and a queen size guest bed (for me! hehehe). The nurse checked my wife's pelvic opening, it was merely 1cm. For delivery, the opening need to be around 8 to 9cm.

At 5.00am of 23rd Nov, the nurse came and checked the pelvic opening again. It's 4cm. Huh?? Panicked, we eagerly asked the nurse whether the baby was ready for delivery. The nurse replied matter-of-factly, "Yes, in another few hours". Aiyooo.... lagi la panic.

At 7.00am... opening expended to 8cm. Aiyoooo.... so fast one! My wife was immediately moved to labour room for delivery. At 8.00am, the contraction was very frequent and intensed. It's TIME!!!

At 8.33am... Our baby boy was born.

I was at the labour room with my wife, and had witnessed the greatest pain a human could ever bear! But because of the women instinct and motherly love, my wife braved through the pain rather courageously (that's why women are great). At one hand, I was trying to comfort her by holding her hand, and on the other hand, trying to snap photos of the whole process of delivery... I can't hold my tears of joy the moment the baby was pulled out from my wife's womb. I cried...

Holding his tiny hand while the nurse cleaning up the baby, I praised God with thanksgiving. The joy was overwhelming, I cried again, and again... and again.

Coincidently, there were another 5 babies were born within that 24 hours. The specialist centre was so MERIAH with babies.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Justin, our beloved baby boy.

My birthday is only another couple of days to go, and Justin has been the best birthday present for me, ever. With that, I wanna thanks my wife. I love you so much, honey.

We didn't expect to have normal delivery. Due to my wife's age, and other factors, we were told to get ready for Ceaserian (operation) by early December. Instead, God listened to our prayer and allow my wife to give birth normally. The labour pain was very intensed, yet short. We spent another night at the ward before discharged the next day.

Our baby Justin gave us a beautiful smile when we arrived home.

We'd truly witnessed God grace and love. Thus giving our baby the name "Great grace" in Chinese. And as for the English name, it's Justin, a person with justness.

Thanks and praises be to our God.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anytime From Now

The anxiety is mounting.... Years of prayer, nine months of waiting... The time has come. Anytime from now, my wife will give birth to our baby.



Because of my busy schedule and lack of time, I'd neglected something...
I'd abandoned my garden. It's in a mess now. Didn't do weeding for almost a month. Pruning was rare, and even the fertilizing was infrequent.

Hm..... I need a gardener. Anyone??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Like Spring Winded Too Tightly

My work has been piling up for the past couple of months. My expansion of responsibilities seems to be never ending. I used to spend time at the gym after work. But that was already passed. I can't afford to go to gym nowadays. Leaving home at 7am every morning and reaching home at 8pm every evening had left me three hours to spend at home with my wife. Minus the time for shower, clean-up, and preparation for the next day, quality time with wife was narrowed down to about one hour.

I'd been wondering, is this healthy?

My wife will give birth to our first baby in a month. By then, I'll have to allocate time to our prince. I'd failed to be a good husband by not spending enough time with my wife, will i be a good father then?

Should I change my job? If so, it's only to prove that I've got poor time management and that I'm not fit enough to take such small challenge. Should I resign from my post and be an ordinary staff? If so, it's seems to be rather difficult as many would disagree. Hmmm........ I guess seeking God's guidance is the only way for now God had been so gracious to me, allowed me to experience various ups and downs just to strengthen me. I believes that another wave is coming....

Like a spring winded too tightly, if the tension and pressure were not to be remedied, I might break.

"Knock, and the door will be open unto you. Seek, and you'll find." That's God's promise. I shall be strong. :-D

P/s: No I'm not sad nor disheartened. I'm still strong. Don't speculate ya :-D.