Monday, May 10, 2010

Justin and The Pooh

Some update about Justin. He's 5 1/2 months old now. Still active as ever but sometimes refuse to drink milk and don't want to sleep. We really need experienced mum to give advice on this.

Justin learnt how to flip over at the age of 4 1/2 months. Since then, a small mattress is insufficient for him to crawl around. We bought him a queen size latex rubber mattress topper. Wife bought some fabrics and made him the topper cover.

Now the Pooh will keep him company when mum and dad are working :-D

Yeaaayyy..... he'd even posed like the Pooh. hehehe

One thing we noticed about Justin's eyes. He seems to have crossed eyes since birth. We were very concerned and worried that it might be strabismus. The pediatrician we'd consulted said it's perfectly normal for newborn to have crossed eyes as they're not good in focusing yet. However, it's already 5 months. I'd searched through the internet and most said that if babies' eyes are still crossed at the age of 4 months old, they should consult the pediatric ophthalmologist for further treatment. Still, some friends said that their children had the same problem but the crossed eyes were gone when they reach the age of 1 year old. Hm.... who to believe?

Anyway, Justin remain cheerful and playful. Those smiles and cute laughters always melt our heart. If you're an experienced mum or an experienced nanny, or had come across baby problem below, please share your thoughts with us:
1. Baby refuses to drink milk.
2. Baby refuses to sleep.
3. Crossed eyes syndrome.
Ah Josh and wife need your advices :-D

Monday, May 3, 2010

Enjoy Tea After a Sumptuous Dinner

I had dinner with a bunch of great friends recently. Budlee suggested to try out this restaurant in Kajang. Po' Sen was the name. Situated in a quiet neighborhood, we find this place quite nice and cosy.

I can't remember when was the last time i had great dinner with fellow blogger friends. I can't find time to spend with friends in such manner after baby Justin's birth. Somehow, i got the chance to be 'bujang sementara' recently and i too the chance to meet up with these friends.

Abg Bear, me, Hairie, Budlee and Arel.

Abg Bear suggested to chill out at my place after the dinner. All agreed.

I was honoured, and was more then happy to serve them the finest tea available in my house. Knowing that they dislike bitter or 'payau' tea, I served them flower tea instead. And they all took turn to enjoy the massage on the massage chair, while others enjoying their tea.

I like it this way, spending time with friends in a quiet and peaceful environment. :-D

Perhaps i should organise a pot-luck dinner on my 'bujang sementara' chance. hehehehe

Note: 'Bujang sementara' refers to me staying home alone while wife went oversea for work and baby Justin with the maid were sent to my brother-in-law's place for a few days.