Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Languages and Weddings

Living in a multi-racial and multi-lingual society, One must learn how to master a few languages to survive (or excel). I'm proud to say that I can speak and write three major languages of Malaysia, namely Bahasa Malaysia, English, and Chinese, and of course a few chinese dialects and abit of Tamil. What's gonna do with languages and weddings anyway?

Whenever there's any wedding in our church that requires more then one language, I'll be among the first that they'll look for. It's reality, I don't brag. That's exactly what I did last Saturday. I was the translator in the wedding ceremony (from Mandarin to English). Since the family and relatives of the bridegroom are chinese educated and most of the newly-wed-couple's friends are english speacking, I was requested to be their banquet MC two months beforehand. Simple reason given, they need someone who can speak Mandarin, English and abit of Hokkien. I gladly accepted the task.

My ability to speak various languages fluently is truely a blessing from God. And it's always my pleasure to share God's blessing with others.


Doulos said...

HI...just found out your blog.don't ask me how, but keep to keep you in suspend...
anyway, thanks for being the MC. we appreciate it very much.
you just really make our special day, wonderfull

Josh said...

Thanks for dropping by, KC. Hmmmmm...... I wonder how u found my blog... hm..... hahaha