Friday, November 30, 2007

Birthday celebration - 3rd round

When it's about time to go off from office this evening, Pn. A tiba-tba ketuk tingkap saya,
"Jom, gi meeting kat meeting room."
"Ler, meeting pulak, kita dah nak balik ni", I answered.
Tapi tengok Pn. A sengeh semacam je... sambil menjeling husband dia yang sasa dan gagah perkasa tu (Husband dia baru je sampai dari Kuala Kangsar, betol ke Pn. A?)

Masuk je bilik meeting, dua minah ni tengah buka kotak kek, siap lumba-lumba lagi. It's Cik Mor-mor and Dr. A.

It's a simple occasion to celebrate birthday of three persons. Sumbangan dari Pn. A. (Thanks Pn. A, kira budi saya terbalas.. hehehe). Cube tengok gambar kat bawah ni, apa yang Pn. A tengah menengking tu??

Terharu saya, kawan-kawan saya ni ingat jugak besday saya. Terima kasih kawan-kawan.

Birthday celebration - 2nd round

My student's final year research viva this morning. Everyone was happy after their viva presentation and thesis defense. They decided to give me a surprise. They bought me a cake and a wonderful neck-tie. I love the tie.

I wonder how did they know my birthday. hm..... creapy.

Birthday celebration - 1st round

It's my birthday yesterday. My 18th. hehehe. Friends dropped by. I recieved a singlet (from Mr. & Mrs. Wan) and a home-made blanket (From Mrs. Wan's mum). My nieces joined in.

Home-made cake, home-made dessert, and home-made present. I'm a lucky and happy men.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

BioMalaysia 2007 - Day 3

It’s a special day today. Wife baked me a cake… (Thanks, precious). Third day of BioMalaysia 2007.

Today’s topics are on business opportunities, funding and strategies. Dato’ Seri J.J was there to share on government’s roles and future plans. Air-cond kat PWTC kuat sangat, semua sejuk sampai menggigil. Puan Tod bawak ‘selimut’ lagi.

The conference ended with a networking cocktail. Nice food. Lovely live music was played. True to it’s name, many took the opportunity to build their research and business network.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BioMalaysia 2007 - Day 2

Travelled to office this morning. There's an interview this morning. There're a few vacancies to be filled. Abit disappointed with most of the candidates' English command. Ntah ler, naper lah graduate sekarang ni tak fasih dalam English? I'm talking about Masters and PhD candidates. Kecewa...

Rushed to PWTC at noon for the conference. Quite inspiring but abit bored. Tajuk-tajuk presentation lebih menarik saya rasa. Ada yang tak setuju. Vegetarian on lunch. Nak diet.. hehehe..

Had this sudden crave for doughnuts. Stopped by a doughnut shop beside the highway. Nasib baik ada jenis yang saya minat tu. Kalo tak, air liur meleleh lerr jadinyer...

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

BioMalaysia 2007

This is a big annual event held in Malaysia. Every living soul in the field of Biotechnology in Malaysia knew this event, and would look forward to attend or participate. I'd attended it for the past four consecutive years.

Had breakfast in a cafe in PWTC. Lovely cappucino. Lunch was simple, but the sotong does not taste like sotong. Kecewa saya... dah le tu, ambik banyak pulak (manerrr la saya tau sotong tu tak sedap langsung), saya telan je. Tak nak bazir makanan.

Monday, November 26, 2007


We got OBE training today, the WHOLE day. Tiring but fruitful. If you're wondering what OBE is, it's Outcome Based Education. Well, the formally known LAN is now known as MQA, Malaysian Qualification Agency. They'd made some changes to the higher education system.

Documentation is the difficult part. New rules and regulation to be followed. New terms to comprehend (eg PEO, LO, PO...). Anyway, the day was fruitful. Sempat siapkan beberapa document dalam satu hari.

This time round, I didn't pass my camera to Cik Senget, but to Cik. Mor-mor. So no shoes but something else.. Handphone and an unexplained weird picture. Cuba teka apa yang Cik Bah buat. Erm, jejaka hensem sebelah tu laki orang, takyah ler kacau.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Routine

My weekends are quite routine, though give way to special activities or functions occasionally. Saturday starts with 'dating' with mother-in-law. Will bring her to the wet market to get the groceries and food enough for a week. Then off for breakfast with her. Will water the plants once reached home. Household chores follows.

I don't usually cook. But I felt like cooking today. Wife prepare, I cook. Verdict? Of course very nice laaa..

(Wallpapers) Life is Beautiful

I love my life. Indeed it's very beautiful. God is just amazingly creative.

The photos are original, without alteration. If you like these wallpapers, feel free to download. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Mattress matter

I used to get back pain and body discomfort when I woke up. Apparently the mattress that I bought three years ago had sank in on the spot I slept. The manufacturer claimed 5 years warranty, but I'm not sure what does the warranty covers. Had contacted them, and they said they'll come and check.

We decided to change mattress a few weeks ago. The decision to purchase a 'better' mattress with back support, anti-static foam, natural rubber with coconut fibre and a whopping price is difficult. The previous one cost us less then a thousand ringgit. But this one doubles.

After changing a few mattresses before this, I felt sceptical about this one. What if it only last for two to three years? What if it's worse then the one we're having now? What if my body ache stays after sleeping on this expensive rubber...??? Decision made, with finger crossed (we'd tried the mattress on display, felt good, but do not know the quality in the long run). The mattress arrived yesterday.

Felt great this morning. No aching. Grin from ear to ear.
Lets see if it's good in the long run.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Asyik-asyik Makan kat Pondok

Decision on the place for lunch is a headache routine everyday. I don't enjoy lunch alone. So selalu je ajak bini-bini orang gi makan. Tapi yang tak bestnyer, bila kita suggest, mesti ada yang membantah. Last-last, dia orang yang kena decide. Yang malasnyer, bila tanya dia orang nak gi maner, jawapan dia senang je, "suka hati lah, maner-maner je". Susah lah nak layan bini-bini orang ni.

We decided to menjamu selera at Pondok Piza. I think Pondok Piza had done some attractive changes since early this year. The lunch sets are attractively cheap. If you have 5 persons, just order for 4 (that's what we did). In the end, each have to pay a mere RM6.50. Cheap!

Datin ugut ngan pisau bila saya ambik gambar dia. Puan A. menjeling-jeling. Terkejut... hehehe.. Yang lain relak je. Kenyang makan.

Carnivorous Plant is Flowering

I bought this carnivorous plant in Cameron Highland 2 months ago. It's flowering. Two stalks of flower. How amazing the creation of the Almighty is.