Friday, February 29, 2008

Danau Golf Club Cafe Food Review

Danau Golf Club is situated within the UKM campus. One plus point about this cafe is it's location at the top of a hill, with nice view of the golf course. Extremely airy and cooling. This cafe serves local and western food.

We ordered appetizers before having the main course. This is fried beancurd (Tauhu goreng) with thick sauce. I like the tauhu, but the shrimp paste (petis) that was added into the sauce keeps me way... (I dislike petis). I gave is 5/10.

This is interesting, they named it Popiah Cik Siti. Why Cik Siti? No idea. The popiah was good, crispy outside, soft & juicy inside. It got 8/10.

All of us decided to go western. I order grilled lamb chop with black pepper sauce. The lamb chop is very tender, but the sauce was not exciting enough. It earns 7/10

Dr. A and Puan A ordered this grilled A. (A=ayam), so, Dr. Ayam and Puan Ayam ordered grilled Ayam. hahahahaha... I don't know how it tasted like, Puan A tak offer pun. Sue-sue ordered the same. Judging on the speed they finished up the food, I think it worth 7/10, kot.

Suw-suw and Puan Senget ordered Fish & Chips. I exchanged a piece of my lamb with half a piece of Puan Senget's fish. Tasted good. The fish was soft and juicy. I gave it 710 too.

The ABC here was certainly much better looking then the one we had at Shah Alam a few days ago. Sue-sue said that it's not too sweet, just nice. I guest it should be good. I don't know how it tasted like. I had young fragrant coconut.

Remember the Popiah Cik Siti? The popiah was very good. This was the left over. Popiah dah dimakan, Cik Siti je tinggal. Kesian Cik Siti ni takde orang minat.

Lain kali, kalo nak cuba Popiah Cik Siti ni, pesan kat waitress, Nak Popiah je, Cik Siti tanak.

Lunch At Danau Golf Club UKM

It's Friday, long lunch hour. Guess where did we go for lunch? it's Danau Golf Club UKM, 50 kilometers away from our office. Of course having lunch at that exclusive club was not the sole purpose of our trip. We got to meet up with our ex-colleague Dr. A.

I used to have lunch or afternoon tea at this place long time ago. Revisit this place after all these years make me feel like I'm very young again. hehehe.

Who came along? Sue-sue, Suw-suw (yes, we have two susu), Puan Senget and Puan A. Dr. A gave us a treat. The best thing is, "Nak apa? Order je lah apa-apa, go ahead!" Dr. A gave the green light.

It's nice to be able to catch up with Dr. A again. Thanks for the 'belanja makan', Dr. A. We certainly will be coming over for lunch again!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pakai Chop Stick! Jangan Tak Pakai!

Dua hari lepas saya lunch ngan Kak Lin, Sue Sue dan Puan A. Topik yg kita bincangkan -- Pakai Chop Stick. Kebetulan dua-dua minah Lin ngan minah A order noodle, Kak Lin cadang pakai chop stick. The problem is, Puan A tak pandai-pandai walaupun dah banyak kali ajar. Dua tahun lepas ader la sorang jejaka hensem yg kita panggil Abg Dan berjanji ngan Puan A. Kata Abg Dan, satu hari nanti kalo Puan A dah pandai pakai chop stick, Abg Dan akan belikan dia chop stick yang chaaaaantek sangat.
Kak Lin ni dah pandai pakai dah. Gambar ni dia yang paksa I amik. (hehehe gurau je). Sukeeerr sangat minah ni sengetkan pala dia, naper ek?

Entry ni nak dijadikan bukti la ni. Nak tunjuk kat Abg Dan. Ni, Abg Dan, tengok betul-betul. Mula-mula dia cuba sedaya upaya.....

20 minit kemudian, ni yang tinggal.....

Haa....... Abg Dan, bukti, Puan A dah pandai pakai chop stick. Belikan dia sepasang chop stick yang chaaaantek sekali, seperti yang dijanjikan ye. (Puan A kata dia bangga sangat ngan kejayaan dia ni).

Erm... nasi goreng 'golden fried rice' yang saya order. Saja nak tunjuk.


We had ABC (shredded ice mixed with fruits, nuts and other condiments) this afternoon. It's a rarity to have Puan Fat joining us. It's even rarer when she join us and pay for the bill! Thanks Puan Fat.

Kak Lin, Puan Senget and Hud-hud came along. As usual, I'm the only man, handsome man that is.. (Eh hem.. hehehe).

The place is at Section 2 of Shah Alam. Erm... not a good environment but many said they serve the best ABC in town. I don't quite like the colour. It's too colourful, felt like having paint on the shredded ice. But they tasted good. I specifically reminded the adik who took the order "Dik, tanak warna-warni sangat ye. Saya takut ngan warna-warna tu (sambil buat muka takut)". Adik tu senyum sengeh.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Chinese Tea Appreciation

It is always soothing and enjoyable to have some chinese tea after having some greasy or spicy foods. Beruang Madu and Hairie joined me for some chinese tea appreciation.

"Nak tanya, naper cawan dia kecik Josh" BM tanya.

"It's tea appreciation bang, not drinking tea to quench thirst." Jawab Josh.

"A'ah, macam tea ceremony" tambah Hairie.

We tried two types of tea: the well-known Pu-Er tea good for our stomach and soothing for people with gastritis, and flower tea (mixture of jasmine and lavender).

Dinner With Beruang Madu & Hairie

Beruang Madu a fellow blogger and our friend Hairie came over to Bangi and we had dinner together. I'd decided to bring them to a restaurant hidden in the kampung area of Sungai Ramal, the Nim's Little Island Restaurant.

This restaurant gave interesting name to their drinks. I ordered the 'calamansi barley', Beruang Madu ordered 'soda gembira' and Hairie ordered 'soda sedih' (he ordered two, I forgot the other one).

For the dinner, we ordered steamed tilapia (I gave it 6/10, as the gravy was too thin, unable to enhance the taste of the fish)

This one was good. The TomYam Seafood Kelapa Muda. Tom yam cooked using young coconut water. The taste was just nice, sour enough and not too hot. It earned 9/10.

The sotong masak merah (kot)... erm... erm.... I had no idea how it tasted like. It's gone by the time I decided to try out the taste. Tapi sempat jugak rasa kuah dia, sedap. Rating untuk kuah je, 8/10.

The kerabu mangga was very sour and not much of taste. It did not awaken my taste bud. 6/10.

I love the bean sprout stir fried with salted fish. In fact bean sprout is one of my favourites anytime. It got 9/10

Tadaaa.... this is the tempe goreng (fried fermented soy bean) that I'd been talking about. Very nice, crispy outside and soft inside. Goes well with the thick sambal kicap provided. We ended up having three helpings. This is definate 10/10.

I enjoyed the dinner, not so much of the food (I was busy talking and taking pictures) but the company of these two friends. Looking forward to another round, somewhere else.

Afternoon Tea in the Garden

We had afternoon tea in our garden yesterday. Cheese cake, lemon green tea, some cookies, oranges, and a pack of chocolate from Japan. Not the usual afternoon tea we had. In fact, we seldom have afternoon tea.

The chocolates were good. Very smooth dark chocolate with fillings.

Warning: Do not take these food too often. Warning of body shape changes if consumed in large quantity.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wife's Birthday

My wife's birthday yesterday. 22 Feb, or 22/2. Cool ah? It's her 18'th birthday. Her husband had just celebrated his 18th too, last November.

A few close friends came over, along with cakes and sweet stuffs.

Happy Birthday, precious.

Friday, February 22, 2008

The End of CNY celebration

The celebration of Chap Goh Mei (hokkien for 'the night of the fifteenth day') marks the end of the 15-days celebration of CNY. Chap Goh Meh is not the politically correct term to be used for the day as it's in Hokkien. How about Cantonese, Hakka, Teochew, Foochow, Hainan and many other dialects? It should be Yuan Xiao Jie in mandarin.

Yuan Xiao Jie (元宵节) is also a celebration of lanterns and lights. It is also the valentine day of the Chinese calendar, where people will toss oranges to the river while giving a wish in hope to 'find' their life partner after that.

Our Yuan Xiao celebration was simple. We had dinner with mother-in-law and headed home. Some friends dropped by for the last minute CNY visit (and of course to claim their angpow). We served them pummelo from my dad's orchard.

We had Yee Sang again. I'd performed Lou Sang (the action of tossing the Yee Sang) 4 times this year. Looking forward to a prosperous year ahead. hehehe

P/s: Danial, your larling honey asked about you. Ah Hock too.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Zodiac

I don't really believe in Zodiac, but it's quite true sometimes. A friend of mine sent me an email of zodiacs. What was written about Sagi was impressively true. Read the descriptions below. I would say 85% correct about me. Yikesss..

SAGITTARIUS - The Happy-Go-Lucky One

1. Good-natured optimist. (Yes, I'm quite optimistic)
2. Doesn't want to grow up, Peter Pan Syndrome. (This is my HUGE problem)
3. Indulges self. (Hehehe.. kekadang je)

4. Boastful. (Huhh?? not sure.)
5. Likes luxuries and gambling. (No, I don't like gambling. In fact, I hate gambling! No! No!)
6. Social and outgoing. (Hm... betul ka? I pun konpius)
7. Doesn't like responsibilities. (Quite true sometimes. But I'm a responsible person tau.)

8. Often fantasizes. ( .... how nice if I can fly and touch the sky...)
9. Impatient. (Ooo yes. )
10. Fun to be around. (Kawan-kawan semua, betul ke statement ni??)
11. Having lots of friends. (Uncountable)
12. Flirtatious. (Aiyoo... matilerr tinger kena cubit bini nanti)

13. Doesn't like rules. (Shhh...... don't tell anyone)
14. Sometimes hypocritical. (Terpaksa, kena cari sesuap nasi)
15. Dislikes being confined - tight spaces or even tight clothes. (This explains why I dislike hugging attires.)
16. Doesn't like being doubted. (Me no like)

17. Beautiful inside and out. (cepat-cepat tutup badan ngan tangan dan kepitkan kaki.... kot-kot ada orang nampak yang 'inside' tu)

Note: I think Abg Bear share the same zodiac sign. Betul tak bang?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Friends Came Over

Some how, our friends decided to pay us a CNY visit in one shot. That makes our life easier, saving our time and energy. We served them Sarawak Laksa. Many satisfied stomachs, empty bowls and not-a-single-drop-left gravy show how much they love the food. Some of them had the laksa for the first time.

A note worth mention, a friend of ours made this yummy dessert: mangoes blend with yogurt. It's salivatingly tempting, smooth texture, and taste great. Sorry, no photos for this dessert. It's gone when I got my camera ready.
Overall, everyone enjoyed the night especially the children, got angpow maaa...

The night ends with group photo.