Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Plant is This??

Two weeks ago, my neighbour Uncle Lee gave me this pot of 'medicinal' plant.

Knowing that I'm interested with medicinal plants, he told me that this plant is good to treat cancer. I got excited so I asked him more questions, like, "which part of the plant is good for cancer treatment?", " what's the name of the plant?", "They boil it or eat it raw?" and more.. Too bad, he can answer none of the above.

So kawan-kawan, sila tunjuk ajar. What plant is this??

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Three Nieces

By now I'm sure most of you readers who frequent my blog would know that I used to spend time with my 3 nieces. I got more nieces actually, but they're too far away: Three in Singapore, two in Labuan and one in Kuching. Hmm..... boys are rare in my family.

We had dinner together recently, minus their parents :-P

The youngest, Miss R. Used to be very quiet but getting more and more out spoken ever since she started going to child care centre.

The second sister, Miss H. Used to be very chicky and hyperactive but getting more and more 'decent' now a day :-D

And the eldest, Miss A. Used to be an ugly duckling (just joking, hehehe) but getting prettier and prettier now.

The youngest and the eldest got some similarities. Just look at this pic. U can spot them day-dreaming almost everyday, everywhere. Hahahaha..

When talked about our baby, we asked them whether they want a baby boy or a baby girl. They answered 'GIRRRLLL' in unison and i gave them a raise-one-eye-brow look sort of like telling them "Are u kidding? i had enough with u girls, i need a break" hahahaha.... just kidding.

Will take them to a nice dinner and a movie next week. Yah, I love them very much.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kura Restaurant @ One World Hotel

Our friend Honey Larling invited us to a Japanese restaurant for dinner recently. Nah, it's too expensive for her to belanja us, we go Dutch :-D

Kura Restaurant is located within the One World Hotel next to One Utama shopping Complex. For Japanese food lover, this is a must-try restaurant for you! I was told that almost all of their food are imported directly from Japan, and their executive chef is also 'imported' from Japan.

I would like to high light a few 'Must-try' dishes:
1. Yam balls in special miso sauce, garnished with thinly shredded fish. The yam balls were soft and yummy.

2. Fried prawn sushi with avocado slices as topping, and garnished with ebiko (my favourite). It's so fragrant and creamy that you would definitely tempted to go for second helping!

3. They claimed that the garlic rice is their hot seller. Indeed it was very true, the fried rice was so fragrant and surprisingly non-greasy.

4. Their ice-cream!!! The display of this dessert was so captivating. We spent 5 minutes just gazing at the beautiful arrangement and 'sayang' to dig in. hehehe..

The strawberry ice-cream was definitely one if it's kind! the whole strawberry was frozen. Once we take a bite... behold.....

The stawberries were stuffed with smooth, creamy and delicious ice-cream!!! It was so delicious!! very, very delicious!!

Thanks to Honey Larling for introducing us to this place. We had a great time and enjoyed the food very much.

And we were honoured to be able to meet up with their Executive Chef Mr. Hideaki. A very down-to-earth and friendly Japanese chap.

The setting was very unique too. The manager of the restaurant Mr. Jack Lau was kind enough to show us around. Apparently, I was told that the counter was the favourite place for regulars and distinguished guests, as they were able to interact with the Chef while enjoying their food.

This room caught my attention. The floor was basically made of glass and we can see the lovely pebbles beneath them.

To our surprise, the price was very affordable!! Of course, with the 'help' of Honey Larling, the manager and the Chef charged cheap. That's because the manager is Honey Larling's brother. hehehehehe

But then, the price of the food were very reasonble. Was amazed to see dishes at the price of RM12, RM16 and so on in such unique restaurant. Where can u find such prices?? However, certain dishes are expensive simply because the materials were exotic. One point i got to high light: If you intend to fix your budget, say RM50 per person, you can always inform the manager before hand, telling him that you got 6 person dining with budget of RM50, and he and the executive chef will design a meal to suit to your budget. You don't even have to look at the menu, just sit tight, and enjoy the surprises.

You can always call the manager Mr. Jack Lau to make a booking. Go ahead, try this restaurant!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raya @ Office

An Aidilfitri celebration was held at office last week. This annual event is the only time for the ladies to showcase their best Malays attire in office, and great food for the guys (ye ke?). While for me, the only day of the year that you can see me in Baju Melayu.

The day began with preparations by the Jamuan team.

Then kita semua makan dulu sebelum tetamu sampai. Some prefers to fill themselves with food to the brim.

While the guys playing with their toys.

And of course, it was these gediking girls that the guys were busying with their cameras.

Erm... more gediking girls. Penyeri majlis orang kata.

While others, concentrating of what they do best. Eat, and pose for the camera.

And the gossip girls got into their gossip mode.

Then the guests came. Salam-bersalaman with warm and radiant smile.

The guests enjoying their food. Lots up news were exchanged.

Lastly, the rare species of the office gathered for this memorable shot. Out of forty plus staff, these are all the guys we got.

This year, my Baju Melayu attire is complete. Got songkok. :-P

Selamat Hari Raya kawan-kawan.