Monday, December 28, 2009

Lullaby to Justin

I sang 'Silent Night' to Justin on the night of Christmas Eve. I had to sing for almost 30 minutes to help him gain the sleepy mood.

It's not easy to be parents. Lots of sacrifices needed. Sleepless nights are common. Changing yuckifying daipers are routine. But my wife and I are enjoying every single second of it! :-D

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Justin's Full Moon

Time flies. Justin is one month old already. To the Chinese, it's customary for the parents to held a full moon get together for relatives and friends. Or at least give away some goodies (red eggs, traditional chinese kueh, cakes or roasted chicken) to relatives and friends.

I was advised to cut Justin's hair (a bit) just as many other daddy do during full moon. It was kinda difficult so we waited until he's fast asleep.

We didn't have the time to send the goodies from house to house, so we had organised a Full Moon Thanksgiving on 20th December at church instead.

We were overwhelmed with joy when more then 180 guests turned up that night. Indeed there were so many things worth thanksgiving. God is gracious and kind.

Justin was quietly sleeping in mummy's arms throughout the service. It was his first 'out door' trip.

A simple dinner was served after the service. We were truly thankful for our friends, relatives and church members' supports.

Mum flew in from Kuching just for the occasion. And mum was in great joy to see her grandson. And baby Justin slept soundly after the service as mum sang him lullaby.

Over the pass month, relatives and friends came over for a visit and had a glimpse of Justin. Each visit had added up the gifts that had occupied much of our small house's space. Thanks for the gifts my friends.

Hmm.... what am i gonna do with those gifts??

Monday, December 7, 2009

Justin Sunbathing, Naked

Baby Justin was jaundiced on the forth day of his birth. Jaundice is a common yellow discolouration among newborn, due to the newborn liver's inability to break down bilirubin fast enough. More info about jaundice for newborn can be found here.

Some simple treatments can be done by parents. Among the treatments are encouraging the baby to drink more (so that the bilirubin level in the body can be reduced via urination) or sunbath them. So, we stripped him naked, put on my chest, and let him enjoy the morning (8~10am) sunbath beside the window for roughly about 10 minutes. :-D

The fact is, Justin's prolonged jaundice worries us. But after thorough readings, only to find that breastfed babies tend to take longer time to subside. However, as a precaution, we took him to the pediatrician for some check up (including blood test). We prayed to God, hopefully nothing serious.

Other then jaundice, Justin is growing healthily. Older generation strongly recommends that we should protect Justin's hand with glove. But after reading some informative articles, experts were actually recommending not to wear them too frequent to allow the baby's hand to develop the sense of touch faster. Indeed, it works. Justin learnt how to grab within a week. He'd even tried to explore with his hands by touching, grabbing or even swinging actively. That brought smiles to our face. :-D

Our life had changed. Everything is about our son Justin for now. May God give us strength and wisdom to bring him up to become a healthy and fine gentleman.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

My wife felt the labour pain on 22nd Nov night. We thought it's just a normal contraction. We went to the gynae to do simple check. The gynae adviced my wife to be warded for observation. Since the due date is still another three weeks to go, we didn't even suspect anything and 'checked in' together. We stayed in a suite with a patient bed and a queen size guest bed (for me! hehehe). The nurse checked my wife's pelvic opening, it was merely 1cm. For delivery, the opening need to be around 8 to 9cm.

At 5.00am of 23rd Nov, the nurse came and checked the pelvic opening again. It's 4cm. Huh?? Panicked, we eagerly asked the nurse whether the baby was ready for delivery. The nurse replied matter-of-factly, "Yes, in another few hours". Aiyooo.... lagi la panic.

At 7.00am... opening expended to 8cm. Aiyoooo.... so fast one! My wife was immediately moved to labour room for delivery. At 8.00am, the contraction was very frequent and intensed. It's TIME!!!

At 8.33am... Our baby boy was born.

I was at the labour room with my wife, and had witnessed the greatest pain a human could ever bear! But because of the women instinct and motherly love, my wife braved through the pain rather courageously (that's why women are great). At one hand, I was trying to comfort her by holding her hand, and on the other hand, trying to snap photos of the whole process of delivery... I can't hold my tears of joy the moment the baby was pulled out from my wife's womb. I cried...

Holding his tiny hand while the nurse cleaning up the baby, I praised God with thanksgiving. The joy was overwhelming, I cried again, and again... and again.

Coincidently, there were another 5 babies were born within that 24 hours. The specialist centre was so MERIAH with babies.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Justin, our beloved baby boy.

My birthday is only another couple of days to go, and Justin has been the best birthday present for me, ever. With that, I wanna thanks my wife. I love you so much, honey.

We didn't expect to have normal delivery. Due to my wife's age, and other factors, we were told to get ready for Ceaserian (operation) by early December. Instead, God listened to our prayer and allow my wife to give birth normally. The labour pain was very intensed, yet short. We spent another night at the ward before discharged the next day.

Our baby Justin gave us a beautiful smile when we arrived home.

We'd truly witnessed God grace and love. Thus giving our baby the name "Great grace" in Chinese. And as for the English name, it's Justin, a person with justness.

Thanks and praises be to our God.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Anytime From Now

The anxiety is mounting.... Years of prayer, nine months of waiting... The time has come. Anytime from now, my wife will give birth to our baby.



Because of my busy schedule and lack of time, I'd neglected something...
I'd abandoned my garden. It's in a mess now. Didn't do weeding for almost a month. Pruning was rare, and even the fertilizing was infrequent.

Hm..... I need a gardener. Anyone??

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Like Spring Winded Too Tightly

My work has been piling up for the past couple of months. My expansion of responsibilities seems to be never ending. I used to spend time at the gym after work. But that was already passed. I can't afford to go to gym nowadays. Leaving home at 7am every morning and reaching home at 8pm every evening had left me three hours to spend at home with my wife. Minus the time for shower, clean-up, and preparation for the next day, quality time with wife was narrowed down to about one hour.

I'd been wondering, is this healthy?

My wife will give birth to our first baby in a month. By then, I'll have to allocate time to our prince. I'd failed to be a good husband by not spending enough time with my wife, will i be a good father then?

Should I change my job? If so, it's only to prove that I've got poor time management and that I'm not fit enough to take such small challenge. Should I resign from my post and be an ordinary staff? If so, it's seems to be rather difficult as many would disagree. Hmmm........ I guess seeking God's guidance is the only way for now God had been so gracious to me, allowed me to experience various ups and downs just to strengthen me. I believes that another wave is coming....

Like a spring winded too tightly, if the tension and pressure were not to be remedied, I might break.

"Knock, and the door will be open unto you. Seek, and you'll find." That's God's promise. I shall be strong. :-D

P/s: No I'm not sad nor disheartened. I'm still strong. Don't speculate ya :-D.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Plant is This??

Two weeks ago, my neighbour Uncle Lee gave me this pot of 'medicinal' plant.

Knowing that I'm interested with medicinal plants, he told me that this plant is good to treat cancer. I got excited so I asked him more questions, like, "which part of the plant is good for cancer treatment?", " what's the name of the plant?", "They boil it or eat it raw?" and more.. Too bad, he can answer none of the above.

So kawan-kawan, sila tunjuk ajar. What plant is this??

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Three Nieces

By now I'm sure most of you readers who frequent my blog would know that I used to spend time with my 3 nieces. I got more nieces actually, but they're too far away: Three in Singapore, two in Labuan and one in Kuching. Hmm..... boys are rare in my family.

We had dinner together recently, minus their parents :-P

The youngest, Miss R. Used to be very quiet but getting more and more out spoken ever since she started going to child care centre.

The second sister, Miss H. Used to be very chicky and hyperactive but getting more and more 'decent' now a day :-D

And the eldest, Miss A. Used to be an ugly duckling (just joking, hehehe) but getting prettier and prettier now.

The youngest and the eldest got some similarities. Just look at this pic. U can spot them day-dreaming almost everyday, everywhere. Hahahaha..

When talked about our baby, we asked them whether they want a baby boy or a baby girl. They answered 'GIRRRLLL' in unison and i gave them a raise-one-eye-brow look sort of like telling them "Are u kidding? i had enough with u girls, i need a break" hahahaha.... just kidding.

Will take them to a nice dinner and a movie next week. Yah, I love them very much.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kura Restaurant @ One World Hotel

Our friend Honey Larling invited us to a Japanese restaurant for dinner recently. Nah, it's too expensive for her to belanja us, we go Dutch :-D

Kura Restaurant is located within the One World Hotel next to One Utama shopping Complex. For Japanese food lover, this is a must-try restaurant for you! I was told that almost all of their food are imported directly from Japan, and their executive chef is also 'imported' from Japan.

I would like to high light a few 'Must-try' dishes:
1. Yam balls in special miso sauce, garnished with thinly shredded fish. The yam balls were soft and yummy.

2. Fried prawn sushi with avocado slices as topping, and garnished with ebiko (my favourite). It's so fragrant and creamy that you would definitely tempted to go for second helping!

3. They claimed that the garlic rice is their hot seller. Indeed it was very true, the fried rice was so fragrant and surprisingly non-greasy.

4. Their ice-cream!!! The display of this dessert was so captivating. We spent 5 minutes just gazing at the beautiful arrangement and 'sayang' to dig in. hehehe..

The strawberry ice-cream was definitely one if it's kind! the whole strawberry was frozen. Once we take a bite... behold.....

The stawberries were stuffed with smooth, creamy and delicious ice-cream!!! It was so delicious!! very, very delicious!!

Thanks to Honey Larling for introducing us to this place. We had a great time and enjoyed the food very much.

And we were honoured to be able to meet up with their Executive Chef Mr. Hideaki. A very down-to-earth and friendly Japanese chap.

The setting was very unique too. The manager of the restaurant Mr. Jack Lau was kind enough to show us around. Apparently, I was told that the counter was the favourite place for regulars and distinguished guests, as they were able to interact with the Chef while enjoying their food.

This room caught my attention. The floor was basically made of glass and we can see the lovely pebbles beneath them.

To our surprise, the price was very affordable!! Of course, with the 'help' of Honey Larling, the manager and the Chef charged cheap. That's because the manager is Honey Larling's brother. hehehehehe

But then, the price of the food were very reasonble. Was amazed to see dishes at the price of RM12, RM16 and so on in such unique restaurant. Where can u find such prices?? However, certain dishes are expensive simply because the materials were exotic. One point i got to high light: If you intend to fix your budget, say RM50 per person, you can always inform the manager before hand, telling him that you got 6 person dining with budget of RM50, and he and the executive chef will design a meal to suit to your budget. You don't even have to look at the menu, just sit tight, and enjoy the surprises.

You can always call the manager Mr. Jack Lau to make a booking. Go ahead, try this restaurant!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Raya @ Office

An Aidilfitri celebration was held at office last week. This annual event is the only time for the ladies to showcase their best Malays attire in office, and great food for the guys (ye ke?). While for me, the only day of the year that you can see me in Baju Melayu.

The day began with preparations by the Jamuan team.

Then kita semua makan dulu sebelum tetamu sampai. Some prefers to fill themselves with food to the brim.

While the guys playing with their toys.

And of course, it was these gediking girls that the guys were busying with their cameras.

Erm... more gediking girls. Penyeri majlis orang kata.

While others, concentrating of what they do best. Eat, and pose for the camera.

And the gossip girls got into their gossip mode.

Then the guests came. Salam-bersalaman with warm and radiant smile.

The guests enjoying their food. Lots up news were exchanged.

Lastly, the rare species of the office gathered for this memorable shot. Out of forty plus staff, these are all the guys we got.

This year, my Baju Melayu attire is complete. Got songkok. :-P

Selamat Hari Raya kawan-kawan.