Thursday, October 13, 2011

Strange But True

I must share this experience with you guys. 

Just yesterday, I lost my phone while paying for my breakfast at the restaurant pay-counter. I was very sure I put it on the counter right in front of me, on top of the book I was reading. A few guys were just queuing behind me. Without realizing it, someone took my phone while I was busy getting the change and put them into my wallet. As I go off from the counter, a few steps away, I realized my phone was gone. I turned to the cashier and inquired about my phone. She was blank and had no idea. The few guys behind me was gone. She asked the workers and waiters, none aware of it. I knew my phone was stolen. *panicking....

I was in dismay. I was heavily relied on the phone. Lot's of work info, appointments, schedule and others were saved in there. Loosing the phone was like loosing an assistant. Worst still, the phone was a gift from my wife only four months!!! 

I called the phone from the office, just to check if it's still on. Normally, if the phone is stolen, the thief would turn the phone off. However,  my phone got connected but no one answered. I tried another twenty times or so, it rang but no one picked up. I did the same at noon, and then in the afternoon. Still, no one answered. The thing is, why didn't the person shut the phone off?

This morning, I went to the same restaurant for breakfast. After my meal, I went to the counter to make payment. Then I asked the cashier (not the one I talked to yesterday) about my phone. Surprisingly, she said someone hand in a phone to the cashier yesterday noon, almost 4 hours after i left the restaurant. The person said that the phone was left on the table. By then, there was a change of work-shift and no one knew the morning incident. The cashier locked the phone in the drawer and passed it to the restaurant owner at night. And now, I got my phone back!  I would not have got it if I didn't ask the cashier. 

The thing is, why was my phone hand to the cashier 4 hours after the incident? Probably the thief was guilt driven? or his conscience was kicking? I have no idea, but I really thank God for this. Lesson learnt. Always put phone into pocket. 

The moral of the story, there're still good people out there after all. The indonesian cashier didn't even give it a thought to keep the phone for herself. The person who 'claimed' to saw the phone left on the table pass it to the counter. 

God, there're blessings in disguise, and i thank you :-D

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life Begins at Forty?

Originally, the phrase 'Life Begins at Forty' gave meaning far different from what we comprehend now a days. Well, at least according to this website.

I turned 40 last November, and indeed, tremendous change happened in my life. I began to look at life differently. And just about a week ago, I look at things differently. Via a pair of glasses, that is :-D
But frankly, I was uncomfortable with them and had tried hard to get used to the 'through the glasses' vision. Like it or not, I need them. I find it hard to read nowadays. In my profession, I just can't run away from reading. I read tons of books, articles, journals, and of course, National Geographic Magazine. Reading was a pleasure until recently, when i eye sight begin to deteriorate. A single visit to the optometrist had resulted in getting this pair of glasses.  

At least I still look good, even with the glasses. Kan? :-P
I love the humour of Kak Ja when she wrote this in my Facebook status:

bulong kakak tua
hinggap di jendela
ah josh sdh tua
matanya tambah dua..

I got to admit, I'm getting old. But, life begins at forty? I guess it's true. Great things happened when i reached 40. And being able to spend quality time with baby Justin and family at this age is really a blessing too. 

Yah, life begins at forty. How many of you had joined this 'club' of forty? :-D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clearing Up My Accumulated Annual Leaves

Resignation of my current job requires me to give two month notice. It's kinda long, but it does not matter much to me. Over the years working here, I'd accumulated 54 days of annual leaves. Even if i take leave for the entire two months of resignation notice, it's only 42 days (Rugi tak ambik cuti sebelum ni :-P ). This also imply that I'm already on leave :-D

Though on leave, I'm not in a hurry to look for other job, just yet. Instead, I spent time on things that requires my attention and matters that I enjoy doing. Here're the list:

1. Spending quality time with Justin Boy.

I got the chance to spend more daytime with him and to join him in his daily activities. He explores the house from the moment he awake from his sleep, all the way to the moment he close his eyes as he goes to bed at night. He picked up new words everyday. Now he's under a stringent training program. The potty training :-P (Boy.... it's though to potty train him.)

2. Monitoring the renovation of our new house.
The renovation is due to complete this month. The built in cabinets and the kitchen furnishing is on the way. The water feature is also in the process of completion. Lots of checklist to be completed. But my wife and I are enjoying every single bit of it.

3. Completing the Banana Monograh.
My colleagues and I are in the final stage of completing the banana monograph that we're working on since February 2011. It's a tough job and rather mind exhausting. But we are enjoying the process. Each of us do our part, and we meet up every week to compile and to edit them together. We called ourselves the Banana group, and I'm certainly gonna miss the team members after this. Hopefully we'll have more collaborations in the future.

Beside the activities above, I also do shopping and a bit of cooking. Ahh........ I'm enjoying my life now. Can i be a house husband? :-P

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Decision That May Change My Life

Though my life seems to be calm and happy, I didn't enjoy working at my current work place after an event that caused me to be in a period of silence last year. I'd promised myself to persevere and stay on until mid of this year, for the sake of my students.

After working in this place for the past 7 years, I'd learnt the value of true friendship and had seen the dark side of people hungry for power and fame. Along this journey, I'd gained many friends and had produced many students that had and still make me very proud. I called this a bitter-sweet journey.

Somehow, there's this strong urge within me to end this journey and move on to a new one. I listened to my inner voice, and prayed to God for guidance. Abraham showed his faith to God and in return He blessed him with a great nation. As I pray for guidance, God said 'have faith in me, just go, and I'll bless you'. With that, I made my decision to end this journey, and walk into a new one. Somehow, I felt calm and comforting as I make this decision even though my future is still uncertain. I think I'd made the right choice.

However, there're some responsibilities and tasks that are still pending. My colleagues and I are in the middle of writing a book. There're still lots of work to be done. I give myself another two months to complete the job.

Meanwhile, Justin Boy is fast growing up. He is more independent now, and would spend time doing things that he enjoy, all by himself. Justin has always been one of the factor that influence my decision making, especially pertaining to my future career.
It's final, I'm gonna hand in my resignation letter today, giving my institution a two-months notice before I leave. Where would I go? It's still an uncertainty.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Walk Begins

Two months ago, when Justin boy was 15 months old, prefers crawling then walking. Walking was a great challenge for him. Yet he found walking very fascinating.
And now, 17 months old, he roams the house, walking. Putting on his red backpack is his favourite :-D

Time really flies. Justin boy is learning new things (and practice them) everyday. With the stress at work, coming home to play with him is a good remedy.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Justin Boy is building up his vocabulary very fast. He learnt new words everyday. Recently, papa taught him the word 'tongue'.

Every time papa ask him, "Where's your tongue Justin Boy?", he'll happily stick out his tongue and do this
or this, touching his tongue with two fingers.

 Then starts his activities with his tongue out, for as long as he can handle.

So far, the body parts that he can recognise, and understand, include 'head', 'face', 'forehead', 'fingers', 'hand', 'feet/foot', 'leg', 'ears', 'nose', 'mouth', 'eyes', 'thumbs', 'toes', 'tummy' to name a few.

His other vocabs include of that of animals, household utensils, name of books, annotations for all family members, and of course, the name of all his toys.

So, where's your tongue?? :-D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

CNY 2011 in Kuching

My family and I went back to my hometown Kuching for the Chinese New Year celebration. Grandpa and grandma was excited and in great joy to have their grandchildren back home. My second brother's two little girls and our Justin boy. The other grandchildren came back during Christmas and now in their paternal grandparents' home.

As always, Kuchingites like to have their CNY eve in style. Each family put up their very own firework display. I was told some family would spend more then RM30,000 for that single night. Gosh.... i wish they could spend them on needy people.

As for our family, we didn't spend a single cent on that. We chose to sit on nice lazy chairs in our front yard and enjoy the fireworks by the neighbours while sipping some nice tea :-D

And for grandma and grandpa, they're fully occupied by their grandchildren. Baby Justin was literally spoiled rotten by grandma and grandpa. Every single thing that he demanded was gladly fulfilled by grandma and grandpa.

I can foresee our CNY next year when baby Justin will be running around the house and in grandpa's orchard, grandma and grandpa will not have the energy to chase after him while papa and mama will have to do the job of keeping an eye on him. 

I better take care of my health and keep fit. Justin need papa and mama in his growing up years. 

Happy Chinese New Year everyone. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Yummy Chips

CNY is just a few days ahead. My best friend dropped by my place two days ago, with a huge bag of arrowhead in his hand. "I got three kilos" he declared happily.
Talk about this arrowhead thingy, it's only available in Malaysia during Chinese New Year. It look like the bulb of the onion, the different is, it look like potato once the skin were peeled off. So the two of us starts our 'mission' of making arrowhead chips by slicing them into thin slices. 

Heat the oil, then put the slices in. Fry until the chips are slightly brown.

Removed them from the boiling oil, let them cool down before storing them in a jar. 

Ahhh... so yummilicious that I could eat the whole jar if no one stop me. :-D
The chip tasted much better then the potato chips. Really.

Now i have plenty of these chips for CNY. 

Happy Chinese New Year everybody :-D

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our 6th Anniversary

It's been six years. Six wonderful years. With all the ups and downs of a married couple, our relationship had grown stronger. And with God's blessing, He put a gem into our family, our baby Justin.

Years ago, our wedding anniversary was celebrated in style, just the two of us. Some how, baby Justin had changed our lifestyle. We're very contented with moderation nowaday. This year, our anniversary was celebrated at a cheap but yummy restaurant, the Little Penang at Alamanda, Putrajaya.

Our husband-and-wife relationship had grown to another level. We can read each other's mind by merely looking at each other's subtle body language. Cook for our partner his/her favourite dish is just another way of saying 'I love you deeply', beside the usual morning goodbye and evening goodnight kisses. Wedding anniversary is not just a-day-in-a-year celebration, it's a life time celebration since the moment we said 'I do' and pronounced as husband and wife.

Now I got two gems in my heart. My wife, a gem that God had prepared for me, to be the companion of my life, and baby Justin, a gem that God gave to us for the celebration of our love.

Happy anniversary, precious.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Period of Silence

My last entry was a month ago. I'd gone through a period of silence in this blog. The truth is, too many things happened within a month and I was completely drown in it. 

Thing has turn bad to worse in my work place. It's not about workload, it's not about piles of paperwork and upcoming international event that I got involved in. Many of us are already acclimatized to tight schedules and heavy work load.  It's the management and their unethical moves that had tarnished staff's respects toward them. Worst still, many staff had lost their desire to work there. Going to work is like dragging yourself to a place that you hate. 

Imagine this: 
You're forced to move, you were given many beautiful promises. You moved. No promises ever come true. We persevered. They don't even care.

Then they forced us to merge. No respect shown. Then forced us to move. No mover provided. No support of anything given. No humility shown. We got to get our own boxes, pack by ourself, moved the things all by ourself. Those who don't have the physical strength to carry things by themselves had hired mover, with their own pocket. Those people couldn't care less.

It has been a nightmare for many. I tried my best to stay positive, but failed. I seek refuge under God's arms but I just can't get over with myself. I prayed. I grudged and struggled through. 
I was bitter at times, and grudged over what had happened. Somehow, God gave me this advice: 'Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good' (Romans 12:21). This verse stuck in my mind and God have repeatedly telling me this over and over again. I find it difficult to do good to them. Honestly, I hated this feeling. But God had assured me, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him.." (Romans 8:28)

I shall persevere. I believe God is preparing something great for me. Amen.