Monday, January 31, 2011

Yummy Chips

CNY is just a few days ahead. My best friend dropped by my place two days ago, with a huge bag of arrowhead in his hand. "I got three kilos" he declared happily.
Talk about this arrowhead thingy, it's only available in Malaysia during Chinese New Year. It look like the bulb of the onion, the different is, it look like potato once the skin were peeled off. So the two of us starts our 'mission' of making arrowhead chips by slicing them into thin slices. 

Heat the oil, then put the slices in. Fry until the chips are slightly brown.

Removed them from the boiling oil, let them cool down before storing them in a jar. 

Ahhh... so yummilicious that I could eat the whole jar if no one stop me. :-D
The chip tasted much better then the potato chips. Really.

Now i have plenty of these chips for CNY. 

Happy Chinese New Year everybody :-D