Friday, November 2, 2007

All The Best Ms. J.

(All photos taken with Sony A100, Sony lens 18-75mm)

Ms. J invited us to her house for two occasions: Raya open house, and her farewell. She'll be flying off to Cambridge by tomorrow night. She's our first batch of graduate from the program we'd offered in our faculty. She excelled, first class. What make us proud is that she's among the 10 recipients throughout the whole nation that received the Agung Scholarship to further her study. One of our lecturer Mr. Wee got the same scholarship too. That means two out of ten are from our institution. Cool.

The lecturers and students relationship in our faculty is very close (not the menyeleweng type ok). We're friends. That makes the study environment conducive and light. We took a group photo, one can hardly tell which are lecturers, which are students.

Some more photos.

We're proud of you Ms. J. All the best and return home with a scroll of higher degree.

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