Monday, November 26, 2007


We got OBE training today, the WHOLE day. Tiring but fruitful. If you're wondering what OBE is, it's Outcome Based Education. Well, the formally known LAN is now known as MQA, Malaysian Qualification Agency. They'd made some changes to the higher education system.

Documentation is the difficult part. New rules and regulation to be followed. New terms to comprehend (eg PEO, LO, PO...). Anyway, the day was fruitful. Sempat siapkan beberapa document dalam satu hari.

This time round, I didn't pass my camera to Cik Senget, but to Cik. Mor-mor. So no shoes but something else.. Handphone and an unexplained weird picture. Cuba teka apa yang Cik Bah buat. Erm, jejaka hensem sebelah tu laki orang, takyah ler kacau.


suw said...

erk! saya tak bersalah..

Josh said...

[suw] oo... ye ke.. salah Cik Mor Mor ler tu. ish.