Monday, March 31, 2008

Stunning View of Sunset

I have this habit of having a camera with me where ever I go, for I never knew what would I come across. Like the case of this evening as I drove home, around 7.30pm. As I drove pass Puchong toll and made a left turn, I looked through my rear mirror and was stunned by the this view I saw.

A few minutes later the sky turned to golden red colour. I was amazed.

Don't ask me how I took the photos. All I can say is, don't try this at home. hehe.

Around 7.50 as I reached the junction near my home, again, was staggered by this view.

Not only that the sky look beautiful, but the pattern of the light was so weird too. It like as if there was an explosion in the air. Astonishing!

I'm glad that I had my faithful camera with me then. Now I can share my joy with my blog readers. Oh, it's not the DSLR, it's my compact Sony Cybershot digital camera.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ching Ming

“Ching Ming" or “Remembrance of Ancestors Day” is an important day in the Chinese calendar. On this weekend prior to the actual Ching Ming day of April 4, you may view hundreds of families visiting the cemetery to sweep/clean their ancestors’ graves and repaint the inscriptions on the headstones to show their respect. However, the activities may varies according to different countries, different dialects and different religion.

As we're Christian, we don't offer food to the dead, nor we worship them. Rather, the visit to the graveyard of the loved one is merely as an act of remembrance. I followed my wife and her family to their ancestors' graveyard yesterday morning. My grandma's tomb is in Sarawak and I went there during last Chinese New Year.

We visited grandma's, grandpa's and also father-in-law's. We did some weeding and washed the tomb. Fresh flowers were offered, and ended with a prayer.

The value of respect and remembrance of our ancestors is important and needed to be inculcated to our younger generation. They ought to be taught from very young age, like the case of our 2-year-old nephew.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Satay Dinner With Fellow Bloggers

Hairie called and asked for a satay dinner on Friday night at Kajang a few days ago. I agreed. I was informed that fellow blogger Budlee and Arel will be there too. I was excited.

I was abit late last night, thanks to the jam. I went straight from my office. They were all there by the time I reached the restaurant, Restoren Satay Kajang Haji Samuri. Arel's friend came along.

It's my first time meeting Budlee, a post-grad in UPM, a parasitologist in the making. He got this bubbly personality and easy to be around with. Wishing him all the best in his pursuit. One of the reason meeting up with him was also to pass him some info of the institution I'm working in.

And behold, I was utmost surprised when Putera Rizal, a blogger from Brunei turned up in the gathering! He's such an adorable chap with very pleasant personality. A science teacher in profession. We met and chatted as if we were old friends. Cool. Actually, I knew that he's here in KL for holiday as informed in his blog. But I never thought that I would be able to meet up with him. Rizal's friend took the effort to bring him over from Puchong. Thanks my friends (sorry lupa nama).

What a memorable night. The dinner was on Hairie. Thanks my friend.

O ya, pic of Hairie is still banned from appearing in any blog, after the incident at MidValley as explained by Beruang Madu. I was shocked that Arel's pic is now also banned, consequences from the same act as Hairie at KLCC. (citer rekaan semata-mata, jangan caya.. hehehe). So their pics will not be published in the blog for the time being. Soon, their ban will be lifted.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Marry Brown

After reading MIM's blog entry recommending Marry Brown, seconded by King Kong, so I gave it a try today. Not that we (me and my colleagues) went there on purpose, but just so happened that we were at a place with Marry Brown nearby.

The setting for this particular Marry Brown outlet was interesting. They provide seesaws as their dining chairs. As soon as my colleagues (ladies) saw the seesaws, they immediately stick their butts on one of it. Biasa lah, burung kakak tua mana ler yang tak suka seesaw (kat ofis Josh ada dua ekor burung kakak tua yang suuuuuker berkicauan non-stop)

I ordered Marry Brown chicken rice, vegetarian pandan chicken (yes, vegetarian) and a soft drink.

The burungs were on diet. They settled with just porridge and drinks.

I like the seesaw concept, but not so suitable for dining. Kita kena tonggengkan punggung masa makan sebab seesaw tu sentiasa bergerak ke belakang bila tunduk depan untuk makan.

MIM and King Kong, memang ayam Marry Brown sedap!

Note: Sorry for mistakenly named the equipment as seesaw. It's swing, not seesaw, as corrected by Fiebie. Thanks Cikgu Fiebie.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Busy, busy

I'd been extremely busy these few days. My blood pressure had shot up, reading 138 and 98. Scary. To avoid people from disturbing me in my office, i pasted this notice on my door.

To release the tension and the stress, i planned to swim every evening after work. But weather like this refrained me from doing so. Sigh.....

I even bring some paperwork home to be settled at night. My wife had been worried about this, and i felt so sorry for being unable to spend more time with her. I'll make myself free tonight to spend quality time with her. More administrative coming in by next week.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lidah Jin Flowers - Close Up.

I'd planted the lidah jin along my fence. Since it's flowering now, my garden had became 'the garden with fragrant'. It's very refreshing, with a light mixture of vanila and rose, i think.

The photos are all taken with my Sony Cybershot digital compact camera. Just to show that even compact camera can produce nice pictures, if you know how to use them.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Sunday Afternoon -- Rainy

Sunday afternoon. Raining. Wife just came back from oversea. She bought lots and lots of stuff, Including almost RM700 of DVDs. No, not the movies or what so ever, but documentaries like National Geographics, Discovery, etc. She bought them because I like them. Sayang dia.

I'd been working on my paperwork too long until i got a bit heavy headed. To relax my eyes from the computer screen, I turned to my green garden, equipped with my camera. These are what I can offer.

Taking photos while raining is a difficult task. It's not bright enough to used small aperture and high shutter speed, thus unable to capture the rain droplets falling. Saya akan berusaha lagi lain kali, trying out new things.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gifts from Cambodia

A bunch of fellow bloggers and also my new found friends, i.e Beruang Madu, Dr. Shah, Hairie & Arel went to Cambodia recently. They brought back some gifts.

These are the gifts I got: T-shirt of Angkor Wat, table linen, Angkor Wat engraved nail cutter cum bottle opener, fragrant candles and some traditional sweets (or sugar).

These sugar tasted like the gula atap (or gula apong) found in Sarawak, but the light-taste version. Nice.

My heartiest thanks to them for the wonderful gifts.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Dining at Bombay Palace Restaurant -- Me

Tak habis-habis dengan dining kat Bombay Palace Restaurant. Ye la, tempat dia menarik, pastu banyak gambar cantik-cantik yang kita nak share. Yang penting, ada lah dua, tiga mamat tu kata Josh hensem sangat malam tu, so harus lah Josh kongsi gambar-gambar Josh yang hensem tu... (perasan giler-giler). Kalo dah portrait Josh, mesti ler bukan Josh yang amik gambar tu kan.

I think i look flirtatious lah kat gambar #2 tu. Apa-apa pun, dari gambar-gambar pun dah tau Josh happy malam tu.

Oh ya, i got some gifts from Cambodia. Thanks to Abg Bear, Shah and Hairie. Terima kasih daun keladi.

Dining at Bombay Palace Restaurant -- The People

Six of us dining together. We went in two separate cars. Pics of only 5 peoples are shown here. I didn't know why the pic of the other one cannot appear in any of the blog until I read Beruang Madu's blog. Kesian dia... tu ler pasal, siapa suruh buka baju.. ish ish....

Arel & Dr. Hamdi. Arel is the quieter one while Dr. Hamdi is an avid photographer.

Dr. Shah & Yazeed a.k.a Beruang Madu. Dr. Shah is an avid photographer too, while Yazeed, Dr. Shah's housemate, love to be photographed (betul ke bang?) Finally Yazeed agreed to take photos showing his teeth while smiling. I think he look great bila amik gambar nampak gigi. Anyone agree with me?

Yazeed (see, ada lagi muka dia) & me. They said I'm the malu-malu one. Ye ke?. They refers me as "budak Cina muka Melayu yang cakap macam Melayu" ... ini muka Malaysia maaa...

Arel & the Anonymous concentrate on their food and watched the three photographers playing with their DSLRs.

Finally, the three DSLR photographers. Hopefully Yazeed will join the club one day.

They're a bunch of fun loving people. I enjoyed their company as much as I enjoyed the dinner.

Dining at Bombay Palace Restaurant -- The Food

If you like curry and spice-rich food, the Bombay Palace Restaurant is the place to dine. I love curry. I love the spice's after-taste in my mouth that mingles for a while. No kissing immediately after having these food. hehe

This restaurant serves a wide range of Southern Indian food, ranging from appertizers, to vegie curry, seafood curry, chicken, meat, mutton, all the way to spiced desserts. We ordered at least one from each category. I'm abit set back by the name of the dishes. All in indian, and we had to read the descriptions of the dishes one by one before we can decide what to have.

To start with, the mutton. A blunt, maybe it's dry without gravy.

The season mixed vegie stir fried with spices. Not really the kind of mixed vegie we used to have in our local restaurant. But taste good. A bit oily though.

I love the naan bread. We ordered 4 types. We had garlic naan, chicken naan (they named it palace naan), mixed raisin naan and plain naan.

This is my favourite, the boneless fish cubes cook with curry riched creamy gravy.

Most of us ordered mango lassie, but Abg Bear and Arel ordered this soda lime.

I like the way they serve the dessert, but I personally think that the portion is too small, and not cheap. That small portion (small enough to clean them in two gulps) is easily costlier then a large set of Big Mc. We ordered the spiced ice-cream, and fruit salad with spiced yogurt.

All in all, it was a good but costly experience dining in this restaurant. Another restaurant worth going is the D'Tandoor, with several branches in the Klang Valley.