Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Office.... Hmm.....

Finally, our office had shifted to a new location, far from home. The new office may look nicer, but frankly, it does not make me happier.

Somehow, things had changed. Even the attitude of some of my colleagues had changed. Some had turned to be overly selfish while some took the advantage to sneak away during office hour. This very project of shifting the office had successfully pushed certain people to manifest their true ugly colours. The unity of the staff was compromised.

With such stresses at work, and the long-hour driving, the exhaustion at the end of each working day was immense. Luckily, there's something so special that would cheer me up when I reach home. The gesture of excitements and the angelic smile that baby Justin gave me as i reach home were the best anti-stress and anti-exhaustion treatments.

At seven months old, Justin is constantly active and everything excites him. He'd started to roll over when he turned six months old. Within two weeks, he started to crawl. And now, he spent hours exploring the house by himself, with close supervision from mama of course.

Spending hours talking to him and playing with him is what i enjoyed most. However, he sleeps at 9.30pm. That would have left me one hour to spend with him daily. That's not enough for me, and not fare for him.

I'm currently looking for job else where. Though i had a few offers, they're not to my liking. Yes, I do know that my students will be in despair and that's the only thing that had been holding me from leaving my current job. However, i had made up my decision. I'll leave this place as soon as I get a better offer.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Serenity in Kimchiland

Some must be wondering why i didn't update my blog as frequent as before. The fact is, I was pretty down and stressed out for the past month. The pressures and the stresses at my work place hiked up unnoticed. Lets put it this way, you're forced to shift to a new house without your consent, and the new house is far from completion with incomplete facilities. To add salt to the wound, your opinion, concerns and expertise were never taken into consideration. You were treated like a bunch of factory operators even though you've got a PhD degree and generating new knowledges for the next generation. That's how we felt. Sucks.

I had this plan months ago, to go visit the Kimchiland ~ Korea with my church members. It so happen that this trip comes in during the height of my stress. I guess God is listening to my prayers :-D

In Kimchiland, we had been served with kimchi in every meal we had. On top of that, the food were yummy!

Two of my favourites are the hotpot, and barbecue beef.

But the main purpose of going there was not to jalan-jalan cari makan but to experience the evangelism explosion in Korea and to witness how the Korean hold to their faith in times of difficulty. We stayed in Bupyeong Methodist Church with 5 star accomodation.

It was during the stay here that i found serenity in life. We woke up at 4.30am and attended their morning prayer meeting, accompanied by hundreds of other local christians. Our days was filled with various lectures, sharing, testimonies, fellowship and visits to other churches. The best moment came when we visited this well-known Prayer Mountain in Seoul. We got ourselves a small room, and i spent hours of quiet moment in that tiny enclosure.

Now, back to 'reality', I'm ready to heed the challenges ahead. Cause I'm energized now :-D