Friday, November 9, 2007

A Day Off

I took a day off, for some reasons. Some errands to be done, and had promised to help a friend.

Spent the morning in the bank to straighten up a few things about our accounts. Was supposed to go to the KWSP of Kajang branch in the town itself. To our dismay, it was closed with an unclear printed note pasted on the entrance, they had moved. With no clear indication of the new location of the office. That had really disgusted me. If the office is moved, shouldn't they put up a proper notice stating the new location of the office and perhaps put up a map as well? We got home and I did some paperworks.

My close friend asked me to get some groceries and send them to his house, as his sister and family will be travelling from the east coast to stay at his place for a few days starting from tommorrow (10th Nov). Mesti Akak letih bila sampai sini, kesian. My close friend is in UK now. So I did some shopping, and sent the groceries to the house.

I was shocked to find out that there were occupants in the house! Called my friend immediately. Lerrr........ kakak dia dah sampai rupanye.. I dropped the groceries off to Akak, and went off.

"Jap!" Akak jerit dari pintu.

As I turned around, she rushed to the gate and passed me a pack of kuih bakawali.

"Buat susah je akak ni, terima kasih." I replied.

"Menyusahkan adik je. Ade ke si Z tu suruh awak belikan barang, kita boleh beli nanti. Terima kasih dik, mu'alaikum salam.."

Aiyoyo... Akak bagi salam... How should I respond? Without giving much thought, I smiled as wide as I can, showing my teeth and the attractive dimples (hee hee). She'd had probably thought that I'm a Malay. Semoga Akak and family selesa dok kat sini.

Saya senyum lebar masa on de way balik. Mission accomplished.


Red Mummy said...


i pun br tau yg u ni is non muslim, just last wk kot..or is it last 2 wks...


ngos tol lah i ni.

Josh said...

[Cek Red] hahaha... Josh dah biasa pun. Ramai yang bagi salam. Siap ada sorang pak Haji yang bagi salam, pastu saya bagitau saya ni bukan Muslim. Soalan Pak Haji seterusnye..." O, ghittuu... Dah sunat ke belum"... (Oooops)