Tuesday, April 1, 2008

MarryBrown again

Went to MarryBrown again. This time I tried the Hotouch Burger, while my colleagues tried fish fillet and also the chicken burger. I love the way they wrap the burger, so that the customer can have the Hotouch Burger freely without being worried of the sauce dripping around.

The fish fillet used 100% fish fillet, not like many who used the fish cakes.

The burgers were nice. However the sight of two tables piled with papers, files, and a labtop were just too messy for a fast food restaurant. It belongs to the owner. Yikes!! Sorry, no pic shown. Ada orang dok kat situ, tak elok amik gambar dia.

One thing for sure, the chairs are VERY STRONG. Since it can hold this guy, I'm sure the chairs can support men of any size.


budleee said...

oh come on josh

you are not that besar :p

Josh said...

[Bud] hahahaha... Josh sedang-sedang, kan?

Chen said...

besar? which part besar?

sedang-sedang? which part sedang-sedang?

MIM said...

There u go againnn...Hahahahahahaha!

Hey MB lagiii? ;-D So how the food review? Ingat da order mcm2 nak review on the food, sekali review pasal chair pulakkk...Hahahahaha...!

Josh said...

[Chen] o, THAT part is really BIG, and that part is sedang-sedang. Want to know more? Tanya Bud. hahahahaha

[mim] Ada Josh review pasal burger tu, tapi semua gi tengok pasal kerusi tu pulak.

The Burger is nice, I think better then the Zinger of KFC, but the fish fillet tu kurang sikit, sebab no vegie. Dia letak fillet and abit of sauce je.

MIM said...

Oh better than KFC Zinger?? Oh that is sedap. Balik I nak try. ;-)

Josh said...

[mim] you should. Josh x suka sangat Zinger sebab tepung dia banyak, and abit salty for me. Yang Hotouch burger ni just nice.

Inah said...

goshh..tat makes me craving for marrybrown in KL..

anybody know area ampang??ade tak?

Josh said...

[inah] Mai Shah Alam. I belanja.