Thursday, April 24, 2008

Huge Differences

Upon request, here's the photo of a student leaving some notes on the answer script.

And here's how the answers look like. Semua salah. Another set of good answers as comparison.

In the end, they got their marks. Any Tom, Dick or Harry can tell which belongs to which.


Inah said...

the student should write like this

Dear Dr Josh yang hansome and berwajah babyface bagaikan Jay Chou..

Please..please..please give me extra marks at least for my effort to answer ur question..

I have problems to tackle your questions coz I've been busy lately :P

Just for your information..I will belanja you at JWW marriot after this exam

Yours sincerely,

student :P


Josh said...

[inah] aduh inah niiii..... dulu lari-lari kat blog Shah, sekarang lari-lari pulak kat blog Josh ye.. ish ish.... Josh mintak abg bear kejarkan.

Beruang Madu said...

Tak larat... dia kalau lari bersepah sepah.. kejap kiri kejap kanan.. pas tu kalau dah tak larat dia jerit mintak tolong pulak... tapi kan ... student tu student apa Josh... master ker?? kenapa jadik macam tu

Josh said...

[beruang madu] ye ke Inah lari camtu bang? ish ish ish... tapi suka pulak dia lari ye?

Tu student degree. Pemalas dan jarang datang kelas.

budleee said...

ooooh patut ler....

suka kot dia dgn kelas josh utk dtg repeat2 nih.

Inah said...

muahahaha..larik dlm blog je..kalo ka t luar harus jogging je :)