Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Colleague Leaving

Some of my colleagues had been looking for greener pastures. A few had found theirs and left. Two days ago was Dr. M's turn. For some, working with the government is like having a stainless steel bowl, of which the bowl will not be easily broken.

We held a farewell gathering for her, and wish her all the best in her new work place at Serdang.

I did try on searching for the pasture of my dream, but the luck was not meant to be on my side. I don't believe in luck anyway. God will provide. I don't foresee myself working with the government, I hate the politics. We received news of salary revision and restructuring a day after the gathering. Most likely I'll be receiving my increment (been stagnant for 3 years) and promotion which has been postponed (or on-hold) for more then a year. The person (yes, there this one person) who had been suppressing me for years is now on thin ice. He's currently under observation by BPR.


Inah said...

ellop bro..may i know which uni u're in??

u got an increment?? orang tua kata..kalo ade good news..lebih baik dikongsi bersama (inah kata: kalo dapat increment, kena belanja!!!!..hahahaa..joking2)

sharing is caring :)

do let us know if u become the dean ye!! :P

Josh said...

[inah] I'm in a private U.

Belanja? No problem.

Dean? long way to go. hahaha.