Sunday, March 9, 2008

McD, Again

Kalo tak gi McD, memang berbulan-bulan x pergi. Tapi kalo sekali pergi, asyik pergi je dalam seminggu tu. I had McD two days ago, take-away. My niece Miss A called yesterday, asking for a date, guess where, McD. So sweet of them to 'date' us.

We went to the outlet nearest to our place. Ordered double cheese for the ladies, and a filet-o-fish for the gentleman. I would like to go for Big Mac but I wasn't very hungry, so the filet was good enough.

Miss H drew us a drawing, depicting me, my wife, Ms. A and Ms. H herself, with happy faces. 'I'm very happy because we can have McD together!' she acclaimed. The one at the far right with moustache is me. Ms. H was so happy that she even smile with contentment when she say grace (prayer before meal).

Ms A is a grown up now. No more cartoon drawing or jumping around like monkey. She just eat, eat, eat and eat, then tease her younger sister abit and continue eat, eat, eat and eat. This McD meal is on her treat you know. Her angpow money she said.

Thanks Ms. A.


budleee said...

i know Mc D is not healthy but they taste soooo good and i have them quite frequently

i have a copy of the nutritional value that I kept in my desk. So I can choose my poison :p...

in the end i always either take Mc Chicken or Fillet o Fish medium mc value meal and scrap the mayonaise or tartar sauce out to make it a bit healthier.

worse come to worse, i will just order the burger only :(.. (habis la lapor lagi lepas tuu)

Josh said...

[Budlee] Fuyoo... sampai gitu Bud buat demi kesihatan, bagus, bagus.

budleee said...

huhu mesti laaaa

dah plus size dah nii

someone told me i look comel already, but if too big wont be as comel :D

Josh said...

[Bud] Betul tu. Keep up the good work, Tapi jangan pulak sampai kurus-kurus, hilang kecomelan nanti.

Amanda said...




So typical of my uncle to put a totally embarrassing pic of me, and did I really just eat, eat, and eat?


I should totally do that more =)

Josh said...

[Amanda] Hello Ms A, hehehehe.. no, u did more then eating...
Erm, u look cute, not embarrassing. hehehe