Friday, March 28, 2008

Marry Brown

After reading MIM's blog entry recommending Marry Brown, seconded by King Kong, so I gave it a try today. Not that we (me and my colleagues) went there on purpose, but just so happened that we were at a place with Marry Brown nearby.

The setting for this particular Marry Brown outlet was interesting. They provide seesaws as their dining chairs. As soon as my colleagues (ladies) saw the seesaws, they immediately stick their butts on one of it. Biasa lah, burung kakak tua mana ler yang tak suka seesaw (kat ofis Josh ada dua ekor burung kakak tua yang suuuuuker berkicauan non-stop)

I ordered Marry Brown chicken rice, vegetarian pandan chicken (yes, vegetarian) and a soft drink.

The burungs were on diet. They settled with just porridge and drinks.

I like the seesaw concept, but not so suitable for dining. Kita kena tonggengkan punggung masa makan sebab seesaw tu sentiasa bergerak ke belakang bila tunduk depan untuk makan.

MIM and King Kong, memang ayam Marry Brown sedap!

Note: Sorry for mistakenly named the equipment as seesaw. It's swing, not seesaw, as corrected by Fiebie. Thanks Cikgu Fiebie.


Shah said...

Macam yang kat Nilai 3 aje ni... I like their burger - memang konyang kalu makan

Josh said...

[shah] ye ke? I'll try that next time.

fiebie said...

is that seesaw, isnt seesaw is teetertooter is jongkang jongkit,

seesaw seesaw up and down, you go up i go down, you go sideways, i go lalallalala....

dont we call that swing or something.

p/s: pity those who play seesaw with me, because he will only see and not saw. hik

Josh said...

[fiebie] Hi fiebie. Owe, my mistake. Thanks for the correction. It's swing alrite. Terima kasih Cikgu.

budleee said...

i am always heavier than my teetertotter partner so i had to shift foward so that i would balanced with them :D

josh.. i tak perasan your face kat gambar pertama tuh, bila tgk close up baru nampak your head in the picture :D

Josh said...

[Bud] lor... I purposely asked my colleague to take the pic for me in such way.

Inah said...

err..seesaw? mr josh ni x penah main kat playground ke??:P

kat mana nak carik marrrybrown kat area kl ni..mcm kurang je

Josh said...

[inah] pernah, kat rumah Josh kat kampung ada.

Marry Brown memang jarang kat KL ni. Kena rajin cari ler. Selalunye, kalo Josh x silap lah, Kalo ada Bintang Supermarket, adalah MB ni. Tapi x semestinyer jugak.

Beruang Madu said...

Wahhhh.... naik buaian yer... makan Marry Brown yer... orrr dia kata org burung kakak tua yer... hehehe tak baik Josh...tapi takper... I pun kadang2 macam burung kakak tua jugak

MIM said... got MB post laaa...huaaaa link to me n King Kong post some more! Huaaaa...thnks bro! ;-)

Oh sedap MB Malaysia? Mestilakan, Malaysian product right MB tuh? A Malaysian fren told me MB now not that power, I agreed cos tried once at JB, Larkin was not that good. Maybe different area different la kan. Will try when I'm back and yes, will give u a treat george. ;-D

Burung kakak tuaaa?? Hahaha...tak baikkkkkk josh, jahattttttt josh. Hehehe...
Ai? BM pun kadang2 burung KAKAK tua??? Hehehehehehe...! ;-D

Josh said...

[Beruang Madu] Bang, ni Josh nak mengadu ni. Diaorang panggil Josh 'Burung Abang Tua' tau!! Takleh ke Josh 'balas dendam' sikit?? hehehe...

Padahal Josh yg mula panggil diaorang camtu. Sebab dua minah tu memang sentiasa berkicauan je kerja dia. Josh pun boleh tahan jugak kekadang, tu sebabnyer diaorang bagi Josh nama tu.

O, abg Bear pun Burang Abg Tua ye? hehehe

[mim] Memang pun diferent area different taste MB dia. Yg kat kajang tu memang x best, pastu dah bankrupt.

Betul ke nak belanja?? Thanks! Nak!

hehehehe... BM tu Burung Abg Tua, tersasul je dia tu. hahahahaha..

marrybrownshahalam said...

That outlet looks familiar betul...After diamati closer memang sah that is my outlet at Bintang..

Guys.. thanks for dropping by! Sudi-sudilah datang lagi...

If you want to comment about our products please do... we want to keep the quality tip-top...

Ah Josh... next time dtg, remind me to give you a discount...

Chen said...

I think got lots of marry browns in Sabah and Sarawak

Josh said...

[marrybownshahalam] fuyoo... terkejut I. Ok, next time Josh mintak ye. Erm... mintak ngan siapa??

[chen] Sure ah? Sarawak got a lot Sugar Bun la. Sabah i don't know. But marrybrown?? lagi not sure.

Chen said...

u look weird in the last photo! but cute at the same time! hee hee...

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