Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jalan-jalan at Putrajaya

A friend of ours, and a former staff of my wife from China came over to Malaysia for a few days. This chinese lady got so excited about Malaysia that many things were new for her. She stayed with another friend of ours and dropped by on Sunday. We took her to Putrajaya.

She commented that Malaysia is so beautiful that she got jealous. She loves the greenery scene, with lots of plants and trees. We stopped by the food court near the mosque. She excitedly asking me to take her picture there and then when we passed by a bunch of school pupils having their lunch. I snapped. She explained.

"These children with white cloth on their head were so beautiful! I wanna show my friends in China!"

Hm.. I came to realize that China is very much a mono-racial country, especially the province where she's from.

We took a cruise ride, around the lake. The lobby to the jetty caught my attention. My finger got itchy, so I snapped.

Regardless of where there're from, women just can't resist shopping.

Oh ya, she even got so excited with a bunch of malay and indian crew. She sit right in the middle, surrounded by 6 or 7 crews, all dark skinned, and I took the photo. Apparently she'd never seen so many 'dark-skinned' people all at one time and wanted to snap a photo.

"They're all black and I'm the only white one, I'm so happy". The excited grin was clearly shown on her face.

Come to think of it, we Malaysian had never been so excited about our multi-racial society. But I'm glad I have friends of all races, they are my pride.


budleee said...


where else in the world that we have public holiday for all the major race and religion..

and everyone balik kampung no matter whose holiday it is :D

Josh said...

[Bud] Yup! Everyone balik kampung whenever there is festive season!
Malaysia Boleh!

Beruang Madu said...

yes Josh... ini memang reality kat mana mana pun... kalau di negara tu kita pegi, ramai yg tak bersyukur atas apa yg ada kat negeri diorang.. sentiasa nak lebih lebih padahal kt negeri sendiri dah memang berlebih lebih... kawan Josh tu mmg contoh yg baik... dan Josh adalah kawan yg membanggakan juga

:: NbC :: said...

bila baca entry ni, tetiba i rasa proud 2 be Msian.. ;-)

Josh said...

[beruang madu] Setuju ngan comment abg. I always remind myself that I'm very blessed to be a Malaysian. Abg & the geng also my kawan yg membanggakan! Including Pinky ye.

[pinky] Malaysia Boleh! hehehe. Thanks for being a friend!

awieworld said...

erm, putrajaya...malaysia.. "Malaysia Boleh..Mai secawan!!"... hehe...(dalam slang english)... :P

Josh said...

[awie]hahahaha... mai mai..

:: NbC :: said...

tq tq tq... ;-)

Chen said...

when i went to sri lanka and visited a museum, suddenly loads of local students who were also visiting wanted to take my photo with them. they have never seen a chinese guy before!!

Josh said...

[chen] No lah, because they'd never seen such white and beautiful teeth before. They asked u to smile right??

:: NbC :: said...

psssst Josh, tp diorg tatau gigi di depan saje putih berseri2... :-P

Josh said...

[pinky] hahahahahah... betul tu.

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