Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lunch Alone

It's quite rare to find me having lunch alone. But this is the 'once-in-a-blue-moon' occasion when everyone is taking leaves and spend time with their family during school holiday. I took my sweet time and ronda-ronda to find a place for lunch.

We passed by this interesting (and nice looking) restaurant the other day and i decided to give it a try. It's the Bintang Side Walk Cafe. It looks like any other side walk cafe found in Bukit Bintang but to my surprise, it's a mamak stall. Not just any mamak stall, but a new breed mamak stall.

It's air-conditioned. Offers variety of food from mamak to Malay to Western all the way to Chinese food. Here're the examples of the menu (matilah kalo diaorang tau saya amik gambar menu dia ngan harga sekali..)

I ordered claypot yee mee and frest orange juice. All together RM7.00. Very reasonable, considering the environment and the kind of service they'd provided.

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this restaurant. Will try their western food and the nasi kandar. Hm.... yum yum.. I'm sure Puan Sue-sue yang mempunyai satu kriteria sahaja untuk buat pilihan tempat makan mesti ok ngan restaurant ni.

Note: Kriteria Puan Sue-sue: tempat cantik.


suw_pattzy said...

mkn sorang ker?

ad said...

bulat mata yerrr dpt air !!!

budleee said...

i love claypot noodles.. :)

Josh said...

[suw] a'ah, takde yg ajak pun :-P

[Ad] mesti ler. hehehe. sedap fresh orange dia. RM3.

[Bud] yup, me too, I like it because the food don't get cold easily. Mai Shah Alam I belanja.

Chen said...

luckily restaurant is called bintang, not binatang!

Josh said...

[chen] hahahahahaa.... if it's called binatang, I'll definitely go there! hahahaha

Chen said...

Restoran Binatang!!

(1) Ikan 3 rasa mentah
(2) Fried noodles with a dash of earthworms.
(3) Drink: Unboiled water from the well
(4) Desert: Strawberry ice-cream, served on the waitress' abdomen for patrons to lick up!

Josh said...

[chen] Fuyoo.... I'll skip the main course and straight to the desert. Hahahahaha..

Chen said...

u naughty naughty boy! i must spank u!


Josh said...

[chen] u taught me one maa, why spank? ;-P