Thursday, March 6, 2008

Disappointing Breakfast

We decided to tryout a new venue for breakfast. Actually it's my decision. We had been to this kopitiam about one and a half years ago. We banned the kopitiam after a visit and another second chance visit. Reasons: lousy food, poor services, expensive. But they had renovated the place and gave the kopitiam a face-lift 6 months ago. We had our breakfast at Pak Li yesterday and saw quite a number of people patronizing the place, and that prompted me to give them a third chance. (Note: this kopitiam is situated opposite the Pak Li).

Puan senget ordered Nasi Kerabu Ayam. Tak habis makan pun, tak sedap ler tu. The colour of the nasi is exactly the same as the colour of Puan Tod-tod's blue Gen-2. Ok ke nasi kerabu tu Puan senget? 'Kureeennngggg' jawabnye.

I ordered half-boiled eggs and steamed bread, thinking that the taste would be as good as those at Pak Li. Puan Sue-sue ordered the same.

To our surprise, they put the two eggs into this mug, and expected us to retrieve the eggs after 5 minutes. "Ni telur separuh masak, lagi 5 minit keluarkan" Duhhh..??!!??

We retrieved them after 5 minutes. Overcooked. Oh ya, the steamed bread, elastic and chewy. The kaya tasted like plain sugar.

Puan Tod-tod ordered nasi lemak. The menu printed:
* Nasi lemak biasa RM2.50
/Ayam goreng RM3.00

* Nasi kerabu RM4.50

If you were the customer, what is the price stated for nasi lemak ayam goreng? RM3.00? Nope, you're wrong. It's RM5.50. The ayam cost her RM3.00, a very small piece of fried chicken. Duhhh????!!! On top of that, the cashier at the counter can't even remember the price of their food (they offer very few items only) and the billing took them soooooo long. We waited and waited and waited, at the counter.

Overall, none of us was happy with the breakfast. The verdict? BAN THIS KOPITIAM!! Just BAN this M*z* Kopitiam. They never learn from the mistakes. Expensive facelift without improvements on the food and the services just can't lure the crowd.


fiebie said...

my friend and i, banned miza kopitiam long time ago. Lousy food, terrible service slow and the food look unappetizing. Once in ramadhan, after ordering our food, we waited for the azan. After everyone around us has breaking fast (they don’t look too please though), our food is still not served. When we call the waiter, they said they forget our order, since they are so many people. And so kekwat one also. So in horror, and to makes thing easier for the chef, all of us ordered the same food, which is nasi ayam goreng and tom yam. And retook our order, and we wait patiently for another 15 minutes, and called the waiter back, which return to the kitchen and came back with a scared and puzzled face, and slowly telling us…

“abang nasik dah abis…tengah tunggu masak. Ayam pun dah abis, daging je ada”

so you can imagine what happen next.

Josh said...

[fiebie] Aiyoooo.... very sad story la..
We'd never been there any other time then breakfast, and that experience alone had scared us. Ntah ler diaorang ni, nak buat business, buat ler betul-betul.

budleee said...

yikes... style without substance..

banned miza kopitian

Josh said...

[Bud] Yup. Ban. Lain kali kalo Bud datang Shah Alam, Josh bawak gi Pak Li je.

awieworld said...



Josh said...

[awie] sabar Awie, sabar.

MIM said...

Haiii...the blue rice looks very interesting, so sayang it doesn't taste good. Disappointed. Service poor? Mahal pulak? Hai hai hai...1st try, 2nd shy, 3rd - that's it lah!!

Sometimes walaupun the kedai doesn't look good on the outside but if the food power, people tak kisah, sure penuh punyer. This kopitiam should spend thier money on improving the quality of the food and service. Siapa manager dia tu 'pandai' sgt?

Josh said...

[mim] I setuju dengan pandangan MIM, kadang-kadang yg kat roadside tu lagi sedap dan menarik.

Memang 'pandai' manager dia. Harga makanan sendiri yang tak lebih 10 jenis tu pun dia xleh hafal,

RizaL said...

blue rice huh.. looks weird hehe

Josh said...

[rizal] Hi Rizal. Yup, it's the same blue of the Gen-2. Yikes.