Friday, December 21, 2007

Photo Session with Sbanboy

I met Sbanboy for the first time. As both of us are Christian, it came natural for us to share on our faith, and encouraged on each other. And we had shared some tips on photography. He's into portraits while I'm into nature and plants. His Canon stand superior in terms of weight, features and focus speed as compared to my Sony Alpha100. Nevertheless, we had good time snapping away at Alamanda. Here're some pics of him which I took while he's indulged in shooting.

We're definately looking forward to another photo session.


sbanboy said...

Wah so fast put up already ah ???? Sorry bro been bz with work and Christmas preparations at church :)

Josh said...

[Sbanboy] Of course ma. I'm on holiday ma. Also busy with Christmas celebration thingy.