Monday, December 17, 2007

Dinner With Sis and Family.

My eldest sis and family are here for their once-a-year-shop-till-drop escape. I'm talking about thousands. FYI, I'm from Kuching. they flew in two days ago. Brother-in-law decided to give us a treat (actually he missed the seafood served in a chinese restaurant in Kajang which we'd treated them two years ago, but he could not find the place). Seafood, here we come.

This restaurant is very famous for it's Marmite Crab and Coconut Water Prawn. That's what we had. We also ordered mantis prawn with dried chilli and mashed yam. Other dishes were basically 'accessories'. Sorry Honey Bear, Shah and Cek Red, it's non-halal. Otherwise, sure saya ajak nanti.

Sis and family will fly to Harbin in China for the winter ice sculpture festival on Tuesday.


Red Mummy said...

oh x pe x pe

len kali carik yg halal aaa

Josh said...

[Cek Red] Ok ok.